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Standard measures for sickle cell disease research

Standard measures and common data elements for sickle cell disease (SCD) will improve the data quality and comparability necessary for cross-study analyses and the development of guidelines that support effective treatments and interventions. In...


Research standardization tools

Only through concerted and well-executed research endeavors can we gain the requisite knowledge to advance pregnancy care and have a positive impact on maternal and newborn health. Yet the heterogeneity inherent in individual studies limits our...


PhenX measures for phenotyping rare genetic conditions

Introduction: The PhenX Toolkit, an online resource of well-established measures of phenotypes and exposures, now has 16 new measures recommended for assessing rare genetic conditions. Materials and Methods: These measures and their...


Using the PhenX Toolkit to Add Standard Measures to a Study

The PhenX (consensus measures for Phenotypes and eXposures) Toolkit ( offers high-quality, well-established measures of phenotypes and exposures for use by the scientific community. The goal is to promote the use of...