Publications Related to "Ariane van der Straten"


Vaginal ring use in a phase 3 microbicide trial

This analysis compares self-reports of product use with objective measures of non-adherence-quarterly plasma dapivirine levels and monthly residual dapivirine (DPV) levels in used rings-in MTN-020/ASPIRE, a phase 3 trial of a monthly DPV vaginal...


The Tablets, Ring, Injections as Options (TRIO) study

Introduction: Preventing HIV and unintended pregnancies are key global health priorities. To inform product rollout and to understand attributes of future multipurpose prevention technologies (MPT) associated with preference and use, we evaluated...


Long acting systemic HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis

Oral pre-exposure prophylaxis for the prevention of HIV-1 transmission (HIV PrEP) has been widely successful as demonstrated by a number of clinical trials. However, studies have also demonstrated the need for patients to tightly adhere to oral...