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The Nile River Basin

The Nile River Basin Initiative

Allocating the resources of the world’s longest river
Jennifer Hoponick Redmon and Keith Levine, Clean Water for Carolina Kids

Detecting Lead in Drinking Water in North Carolina Childcare Centers

Researcher’s concern inspires Clean Water for Carolina Kids project to test for hazards in children’s drinking water
A group of women examine RTI's prototype off-grid toilet at our field test in India

Reinventing the Toilet

Designing a waste treatment system for off-grid sanitation needs
Fort Loudoun dam

Technical Support for the Tennessee Valley Authority

Modernizing climate, weather, and water services for nation’s largest regional planning agency
Chickens behind a fence

CLEAN-East – Comprehensive Livestock Environmental Assessments and Nutrient Management Plans: Eastern United States

Expert technical assistance in environmental assessment and nutrient management planning for farm operations in 20 states
Municipal Solid Waste Tool

Net Zero Planner — An Integrated Modeling Tool

Providing analytical and decision support to help the U.S. Army establish Net Zero Energy Installations
A train carries loads of coal

Disposal Methods for Coal Combustion Residuals

Risk assessment and exposure models in support of U.S. efforts to reduce impacts of coal ash and other byproducts of electric power generation
Landscape of El Chaltan, Argentina

Enabling Integrated Management of Water Resources in Latin America

Basin modeling supports long-term water resource planning in Latin America
Integrated system for industrial water technologies

Advanced, Energy-Efficient Hybrid Membrane System for Industrial Water Reuse

Reducing energy consumption and providing clean water sources for industrial processes
Panama Canal

Monitoring and Forecasting Reservoir Levels in the Panama Canal

Maintaining a delicate balance for one of the world’s most important shipping routes
The water supply for much of the western U.S. and Mexico originates in these snow-covered mountains in Colorado.

Improving Water Supply Forecasts for the Upper Colorado River Basin

Enabling smarter resource management for a vital North American region
A water treatment facility in Nigeria.

Effective Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Services in Nigeria (E-WASH)

Working with state water boards to deliver better urban services to the Nigerian people
Water treatment plant

Achieving Water Sustainability through Nanoscale Science and Engineering

Funding forward-thinking, collaborative, groundbreaking work

Hydro-BID: Modeling Future Water Availability in Peru

Using real-time modeling and visualization to empower specialists to plan for water scarcity
Technicians work on the Advanced Smart Sensor Technology drone.

Advanced Smart Sensor Technology (ASSET)

Linking sensors to drones to reduce the cost and expand the possibilities of data collection
A man works on a water main in Jordan.

Improving Jordan’s Water Sector Governance to Strengthen Water Security

Institutional Support and Strengthening Program (ISSP)
Cypress swamp in Louisiana

Louisiana Freshwater Assessment

Protecting Louisiana’s freshwater resources through more informed decision making
tents in a refugee camp


Real-time mapping and tracking to improve disaster response efforts

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