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Perception and behavior

Attego’s sensusINSIGHT is a data collection and analysis solution that provides clients with information critical to decision-making, risk management, and long-term planning around operational, sustainability, and engagement activities. It establishes a Social License Index through a combination of methods and metrics by:

  • Measuring how an operation is perceived by local communities
  • Understanding how they will behave and interact with an organization and operation
  • Capturing what communities think, how they feel, and how they are likely to behave, and monitoring how these change over time
  • Establishing a baseline that can be used to track progress moving forward

Understanding public sentiment is a critical part of obtaining and maintaining a social license to operate. Loss of or damage to social license—typically experienced as delays in production, permitting and compliance challenges, or even closures—can cost millions of dollars per week.

Our sensusINSIGHT gives you the information to make the right decisions around community engagement, non-technical risk mitigation, social investment, and more. It monitors knowledge, attitudes and behaviors against an established baseline, so you know how your organization is doing and can report this to broader audiences using defendable data.

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