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Focus Areas


Impact verification

Quantifying your positive impact or the effects of your sustainability efforts can be difficult. Attego's metrumINSIGHT provides organizations with a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and independent, third-party impact verification solution for designing, tracking, and quantifying sustainability initiatives, social and environmental impacts, contract and grant goals, and investment decisions.

We deliver metrumINSIGHT through a cognitive computing approach, combining elements of subject matter expertise with data analytics and machine learning. By using a data-driven approach, metrumINSIGHT can identify, assess, and select the inputs; identify, monitor, and evaluate the outputs; measure and validate the outcomes; and verify and quantify the impact.

Trusted Experience

Built on 60 years of expertise, metrumINSIGHT ensures reliable, independent verification, and comprehensive monitoring and evaluation of performance. Under a wide range of contracts, grants, and other agreements, Attego’s design and implementation work covered thousands of projects across more than 250 scientific disciplines, giving its team unique insight into how to identify, assess, monitor, and validate opportunities for positive impact.

With integrated reporting, ongoing monitoring and evaluation, and continuous due diligence, we ensure that you are able to convey your financial and sustainability success to relevant audiences, thereby demonstrating your commitment to doing things the right way.

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