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RTI helps our partners build resilient health systems and improve public health. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are working to lessen its impact on the individuals and communities we serve. RTI offers extensive experience addressing public health threats—including Ebola, Zika, tuberculosis, malaria, HIV, and now COVID-19—and improving the underlying systems where they occur and the effects they leave in their wake. Our researchers provide new data and insights into COVID-19. We also help countries and communities build resilience to pandemic threats and work across sectors to help them respond to the crisis and its secondary effects.

We have collected our work around COVID-19 as a centralized resource and will update as new work is completed and additional insights are developed.

Building Resilience Against COVID-19 in Developing Countries

The COVID-19 pandemic threatens decades of progress in international development. RTI is helping low- and middle-income countries, donors, and development partners respond now and build resilience.

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Join RTI's Team of COVID-19 Experts

RTI is seeking individuals to join us in the pursuit to provide data and insight on the COVID-19 pandemic. Tell us how you can lend your scientific and innovative expertise for this collaborative effort.

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