At RTI, the values of diversity and inclusion are built into our culture

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity in Action: Fulfilling our individual and collective potential through respect, equity, and values

From our research, to community involvement, to outreach, we apply our principles of diversity and inclusion globally at every level and function of our organization. Our commitment to honoring these principles has helped us create a diverse team that uses an inclusive environment as a springboard to improving the human condition. We have also turned a lens on ourselves, reaching out to employees to ask for their views on diversity and inclusion at RTI and how they would like to see their organization grow.

The result of our efforts? Skyrocketing employee engagement and a leadership culture shift unlike ever before. When our staff sees something they think doesn’t live up to the diversity and inclusion (D&I) ideals we’ve set forth, we encourage them to not only say something but to do something. Some of these workplace champions see their work commemorated with a D&I in Action award, while others benefit from the overarching improvements to the RTI community.

Beyond Tolerance: Seeking and Embracing the Differing Worldviews Created by Diverse Backgrounds

It is well known that diverse backgrounds inform different views. So it stands to reason that providing a platform for a team as diverse as the one at RTI—5,000 individuals who bring a variety of personal perspectives and capabilities that span more than 250 degree fields—has the potential to drive world-changing innovations. Our extraordinary cultural, ethnic, gender, and intellectual diversity presents unique opportunities to foster creative solutions and teamwork while also making RTI a better place to work.

But how do we leverage this vast array of worldviews our employees possess? And how do we recruit more individuals with new perspectives who will make us even better? We established the RTI Employee Resource Group (ERG) Program to do just that—offering our people a sense of belonging and providing the resources needed for every individual to make a difference.

To learn more about our ongoing efforts to embrace and promote diversity and inclusion, view our statement today.