Joe Edney offers his education expertise

Strategic Consulting

By leveraging content expertise, staff experience, and research insight, our customized consulting services offer practical solutions to relevant challenges. We co-design solutions that are both actionable and sustainable to improve organizational operations.

Solutions may include:

  •  Managing and facilitating change
  •  Program audit and evaluation
  •  Policy implementation
  •  Engaging communities
  •  School startup
  •  Strategic planning

In Johnston County Public Schools we’re partnering to expand competency-based education across the district. This multiyear undertaking includes an integrated planning process with district leadership, teacher leaders, and community stakeholders. Concurrently, we are supporting the implementation of project-based learning cohorts across the district that are aligned to vertical feeder patterns of schools. These engagements are integrated to reinforce the momentum of change at a conceptual and practical level. This project is structured as a combination of consulting and planning support, group-based professional development, and on-site instructional coaching.

When RTI comes to work with our groups, it’s seamless. The content is tailored using the same language, logos, lingo. Our teacher don’t even know they [RTI] are not part of the district staff.

-Kathy Price, Executive Director of Educator Effectiveness, Johnston County Public Schools

I am proud to stand in front of our school board and speak about the work we’ve done to build instructional leadership capacity in our district.

- Jill Reinhardt, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Surry County Schools