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Hoerger, T.J. (2015)
Medicare's intensive behavioral therapy for obesity: An exploratory cost-effectiveness analysis
American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 48 (4):419-425.
Hoerger, T.J. (2015)
The Future Burden of CKD in the United States: A Simulation Model for the CDC CKD Initiative
American Journal of Kidney Diseases, 65 (3):403-411.
Hoerger, T.J. (2014)
Cross-site evaluation of the Alliance to Reduce Disparities in Diabetes: Clinical and patient-reported outcomes
Health Promotion Practice, 15 (2 Suppl):92S-102S.
Hoerger, T.J. (2014)
Impact of the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program on Cervical Cancer Mortality Among Uninsured Low-Income Women in the U.S., 1991-2007
American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 47 (3):300-308.
Hoerger, T.J. (2014)
Collecting Costs of Community Prevention Programs: Communities Putting Prevention to Work Initiative
American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 47 (2):160-165.
Hoerger, T.J. (2014)
Cost-Effectiveness of Ensuring Hepatitis B Protection for Previously Vaccinated Healthcare Personnel
Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, 35 (7):845-854.
Hoerger, T.J. (2014)
Cost-effectiveness Analysis of the National Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention Program
Pediatrics, 133 (2):243-253.
Hoerger, T.J. (2013)
Medical costs of CKD in the Medicare population
Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, 24 (9):1478-1483.
Hoerger, T.J. (2013)
Cost-Effectiveness of Hepatitis B Vaccination in Adults With Diagnosed Diabetes
Diabetes Care, 36 (1):63-69.
Hoerger, T.J. (2013)
The Economic Burden of Vision Loss and Eye Disorders among the United States Population Younger than 40 Years
Ophthalmology, 120 (9):1728-1735.
Hoerger, T.J. (2012)
Cost-effectiveness of screening for microalbuminuria among African Americans
Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, 23 (12):2035-2041.
Hoerger, T. (2012)
Comparing changes in health care costs over time for persons with and without diabetes, 2000–2008
Presented at APHA 2012, San Francisco, CA, Oct 2012.
Hoerger, T.J. (2012)
The Cost-effectiveness of Welcome to Medicare Visual Acuity Screening and a Possible Alternative Welcome to Medicare Eye Evaluation Among Persons Without Diagnosed Diabetes Mellitus
Archives of Ophthalmology, 130 (5):607-614.
Hoerger, T.J. (2012)
Estimated morbidity and mortality in adolescents and young adults diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes mellitus
Diabetic Medicine, 29 (4):453-463.
Hoerger, T.J. (2012)
Health economic modelling of the cost-effectiveness of microalbuminuria screening in Switzerland
Swiss Medical Weekly, 142 (Article No. w13508).
Hoerger, T.J. (2012)
A nationwide community-based lifestyle program could delay or prevent type 2 diabetes cases and save $5.7 billion in 25 years
Health Affairs, 31 (1):50-60.
Hoerger, T.J. (2011)
Use of hepatitis B vaccination for adults with diabetes mellitus: recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, 60 (50):1709-1711.
Hoerger, T.J. (2011)
A cost-benefit analysis of lipid standardization in the United States
Preventing Chronic Disease, 8 (6):A136.
Hoerger, T.J. (2011)
Estimated Effects of the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program on Breast Cancer Mortality
American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 40 (4):397-404.
Hoerger, T.J. (2010)
Cost-effectiveness of bariatric surgery for severely obese adults with diabetes
Diabetes Care, 33 (9):1933-1939.
Hoerger, T. (2010)
Costs and Consequences Associated With Newer Medications for Glycemic Control in Type 2 Diabetes
Diabetes Care, 33 (4):695-700.
Hoerger, T.J. (2010)
A Health Policy Model of CKD: 1. Model Construction, Assumptions, and Validation of Health Consequences
American Journal of Kidney Diseases, 55 (3):452-462.
Hoerger, T.J. (2010)
A Health Policy Model of CKD: 2. The Cost-Effectiveness of Microalbuminuria Screening
American Journal of Kidney Diseases, 55 (3):463-473.
Hoerger, T. (2010)
Influencing the economics of health care in the future: Jeddah Economic Forum 2010, The Global Economy 2020, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudia Arabia, February 13-16, 2010.
Hoerger, T.J. (2010)
Individual and aggregate years-of-life-lost associated with overweight and obesity
Obesity, 18 (2):333-339.
Hoerger, T.J. (2009)
Improvements in risk factor control among persons with diabetes in the United States: Evidence and implications for remaining life expectancy
Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, 86 (3):225-232.
Hoerger, T.J. (2009)
Cost-effectiveness of Diabetes Self-management Programs in Community Primary Care Settings
Diabetes Educator, 35 (5):761-769.
Hoerger, T.J. (September 2009).
Validation of the CDC-RTI diabetes cost-effectiveness model: RTI Press Publication No. MR-0013-0909
Research Triangle Park, NC: RTI Press.
Hoerger, T.J. (2009)
Using costs in cost-effectiveness models for chronic diseases: lessons from diabetes
Medical Care, 47 (7 Suppl 1):S21-S27.
Hoerger, T.J. (2009)
The cost-effectiveness of routine office-based identification and subsequent medical treatment of primary open-angle glaucoma in the United States
Ophthalmology, 116 (5):823-832.
Hoerger, T. (2009)
Have efforts to reduce smoking really contributed to the obesity epidemic?
Economic Inquiry, 47 (2):366-376.
Hoerger, T. (2009)
The Cost-Effectiveness of Screening for Microalbuminuria: A Simulation Model for Chronic Kidney Disease,
American Journal of Kidney Diseases, 53 (4):A42.
Hoerger, T.J. (2009)
Health economics in public health
American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 36 (3):273-275.
Hoerger, T.J. (2009)
Comparing cost-of-illness estimates from alternative approaches: an application to diabetes
Health Services Research, 44 (1):303-320.
Hoerger, T.J. (2008)
Inaugural conjoint analysis in health conference
Patient: Patient-Centered Outcomes Research, 1 (4):241-243.
Hoerger, T.J. (2008)
Use of econometric models to estimate expenditure shares
Health Services Research, 43 (4):1442-1452.
Hoerger, T.J. (2008)
The impact of diabetes and associated cardiometabolic risk factors on members: Strategies for optimizing outcomes
Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy, 14 (1 Suppl C):S2-14.
Hoerger, T.J. (2008)
Is glycemic control improving in U.S. adults?
Diabetes Care, 31 (1):81-86.
Hoerger, T.J. (2007)
The cost-effectiveness of screening for pre-diabetes among overweight and obese U.S. adults
Diabetes Care, 30 (11):2874-2879.
Hoerger, T.J. (2007)
Technical appendix: cost-effectiveness of vitamin therapy for age-related macular degeneration
Ophthalmology, 114 (7):e13-e20.
Hoerger, T.J. (2007)
Cost-effectiveness of vitamin therapy for age-related macular degeneration
Ophthalmology, 114 (7):1319-1326.
Hoerger, T.J. (2007)
Cost-effectiveness of routine childhood vaccination for hepatitis A in the United States
Pediatrics, 119 (1):e12-e21.
Hoerger, T.J. (2006)
The economic burden of major adult visual disorders in the United States
Archives of Ophthalmology, 124 (12):1754-1760.
Hoerger, T.J. (November 2006).
The cost-effectiveness of routine childhood vaccination for hepatitis A in the United States
Hoerger, T. (2006)
Response to meadows and others
Medical Decision Making, 26 (6):636-637.
Hoerger, T.J. (2006)
An evaluation of cost sharing to finance a diet and physical activity intervention to prevent diabetes
Diabetes Care, 29 (6):1237-1241.
Hoerger, T.J. (2006)
High-risk individuals' willingness to pay for diabetes risk-reduction programs
Diabetes Care, 29 (6):1351-1356.
Hoerger, T.J. (April 2006).
Technical Appendix: The Cost-Effectiveness of Vitamin Therapy for Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Hoerger, T.J. (2006)
Cost-effectiveness of osteoporosis screening and treatment with hormone replacement therapy, raloxifene, or alendronate
Medical Decision Making, 26 (2):194-206.
Hoerger, T.J. (2006)
Managing people at high risk for diabetes
Annals of Internal Medicine, 144 (1):66-67.
Hoerger, T.J. (January 2006).
Controversies in Obesity Mortality: A Tale of Two Studies: Health Promotion Economics Issue Brief: Volume 1, Issue 1.
Hoerger, T.J. (2005)
U.S. Federal and State Medicaid Budgetary Impact of Adult Visual Disorders: 2004
Presented at American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, December 10, 2005.
Hoerger, T. (2005)
Challenges in systematic reviews of economic analyses
Annals of Internal Medicine, 142 (12 Pt 2):1073-1079.
Hoerger, T.J. (2005)
High-risk individuals' stated preferences and willingness-to-pay for diabetes risk-reduction programs,
Diabetes, 54 :A611-A611.
Hoerger, T.J. (2005)
The cost-effectiveness of lifestyle modification or metformin in preventing type 2 diabetes in adults with impaired glucose tolerance
Annals of Internal Medicine, 142 (5):323-332.
Hoerger, T.J. (August 2004).
Title II of the Medicare Modernization Act support contract: Medicare Advantage regional options report: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Project Number: 08686.002
Hoerger, T. (2004)
Options for regional Medicare Advantage (MA) Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) and Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs) under the Medicare Modernization Act (MMA)
Presented at Rosemont Conference Center, for CMS project Title II of the Medicare Modernization Act Support, Chicago, Illinois, July 21, 2004.
Hoerger, T.J. (2004)
The Value to High-Risk Patients of Preventing a Case of Diabetes
Presented at ISPOR 9th Annual International Meeting, Arlington, VA, May 2004.
Hoerger, T.J. (2004)
Screening for type 2 diabetes mellitus: A cost-effectiveness analysis
Annals of Internal Medicine, 140 (9):689-699.
Hoerger, T.J. (2004)
The value to high-risk patients of preventing a case of diabetes,
Value in Health, 7 (3):343-343.
Hoerger, T.J. (November 2003).
Evaluation of Medicare’s Competitive Bidding Demonstration for DMEPOS: Final Evaluation Report
Hoerger, T.J. (2003)
A dynamic Markov model for forecasting diabetes prevalence in the United States through 2050
Health Care Management Science, 6 (3):155-164.
Hoerger, T.J. (April 2003).
Technical report on the cost-effectiveness model and software: Software application designed by RTI to assess the cost-effectiveness of screening for osteoporosis in older women
Hoerger, T. (2003)
The cost-effectiveness of screening mammography beyond age 65 years: A systematic review for the US Preventive Services Task Force
Annals of Internal Medicine, 139 (10):835-842.
Hoerger, T.J. (December 2002).
Market area selection and data development for Medicare fee-for-service reform, Final Report
Research Triangle Park, NC: RTI International. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, RTI Project Number 07960.001
Hoerger, T.J. (May 2002).
Calculation of charge-based relative values for laboratory procedures, Final Report
University of Wisconsin-Madison; RTI International; Northwestern Univerisity. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, CMS Contract No. 500-95-0061/T.O. #2
Hoerger, T. (2002)
Cost-effectiveness analyses of colorectal cancer screening:A systematic review for the US preventive services task force
Annals of Internal Medicine, 137 (2):96-104.
Hoerger, T.J. (2002)
Cost-effectiveness of intensive glycemic control, intensified hypertension control, and serum cholesterol level reduction for type 2 diabetes
JAMA, 287 (19):2542-2551.
Hoerger, T.J. (2002)
Optimal allocation of resources across four interventions for type 2 diabetes
Medical Decision Making, 22 (5):S80-S91.
Hoerger, T.J. (2001)
Medicare beneficiary satisfaction with durable medical equipment suppliers
Health Care Financing Review, 23 (1):123-136.
Hoerger, T.J. (2001)
Projection of diabetes burden through 2050 - Impact of changing demography and disease prevalence in the US
Diabetes Care, 24 (11):1936-1940.
Hoerger, T.J. (2001)
The art and science of incorporating cost effectiveness into evidence-based recommendations for clinical preventive services
American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 20 (3):36-43.
Hoerger, T.J. (2000)
Expectations among the elderly about nursing home entry
Health Services Research, 35 (5):1181-1202.
Hoerger, T.J. (1999)
Healthcare use among US women aged 45 and older: Total costs and costs for selected postmenopausal health risks
Journal of Women's Health and Gender-Based Medicine, 8 (8):1077-1089.
Hoerger, T.J. (1998)
Social Costs of Faltering Child Development.
Hoerger, T.J. (1998)
Treatment patterns and distribution of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels in treatment-eligible United States adults
American Journal of Cardiology, 82 (1):61-65.
Hoerger, T.J. (1998)
Cost effectiveness of pramipexole in Parkinson's disease in the US
Pharmacoeconomics, 14 (5):541-557.
Hoerger, T.J. (1998)
Medicare's demonstration of competitive bidding for clinical laboratory services: what it means for clinical laboratories
Clinical Chemistry, 44 (8):1728-1734.
Hoerger, T.J. (1997)
Developing Medicare competitive bidding: a study of clinical laboratories
Health Care Financing Review, 19 (1):59-86.
Hoerger, T.J. (1997)
The supply of children's time to disabled elderly parents
Economic Inquiry, 35 (2):295-308.
Hoerger, T.J. (1996)
Public Subsidies, Private Provision of Care and Living Arrangements of the Elderly
Review of Economics and Statistics, 78 (3):428-440.
Hoerger, T.J. (1995)
Search behavior and choice of physician in the market for prenatal care
Medical Care, 33 (4):332-349.
Hoerger, T.J. (1993)
Competitive bidding for Medicare services
Medical Care, 31 (10):879-897.
Hoerger, T.J. (1993)
The association of ownership and system affiliation with the financial performance of inpatient psychiatric hospitals
Inquiry, 30 (3):306-317.
Hoerger, T.J. (1993)
Two-part pricing for experience goods in the presence of adverse selection
International Journal of Industrial Organization, 11 (4):451-474.
Hoerger, T.J. (1991)
Uncertainty, information and resolution of medical malpractice disputes
Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 4 (4):403-423.
Hoerger, T.J. (1991)
'Profit' variability in for-profit and not-for-profit hospitals
Journal of Health Economics, 10 (3):259-289.
Hoerger, T.J. (1990)
Loss volatility, bankruptcy, and the demand for reinsurance
Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 3 (3):221-245.
Hoerger, T.J. (1989)
Two-part pricing and the mark-ups charged by primary care physicians for new and established patient visits
Journal of Health Economics, 8 (4):399-417.