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The RTI Publications Database is a fully searchable repository of RTI-authored publications. Its goal is to communicate knowledge gained through our research and technical services by ensuring our findings are documented and available in the public domain. The database contains more than 19179 publications and includes journal articles, books, chapters, conference proceedings, reports, technical papers, patents, presentations, and posters.

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Recent Publications

Systematic review of treatments for chronic spontaneous urticaria with inadequate response to licensed first-line treatments
Mitchell, S., Balp, M.M., Samuel, M., McBride, D., & Maurer, M. (Sep 2015)
Preparation of thin films for elemental analysis of nail polish by wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy
McWilliams, A.C., Martin, A., Levine, M.A., Levine, K.E., Felder, L., Young, D.J., & Harrington, J.M. (Sep 2015)
Genetic variation (CHRNA5), medication (combination nicotine replacement therapy vs. varenicline), and smoking cessation
Chen, L.S., Baker, T.B., Jorenby, D., Piper, M., Saccone, N., Johnson, E., et al. (Sep 2015)
Quantitative Signaling and Structure-Activity Analyses Demonstrate Functional Selectivity at the Nociceptin/Orphanin FQ Opioid Receptor
Chang, S.D., Mascarella, S.W., Spangler, S., Gurevich, V.V., Navarro, H.A., Carroll, F.I., et al. (Sep 2015)
Prescription Opioids. IV: Disposition of Hydrocodone in Oral Fluid and Blood Following Single-Dose Administration
Cone, E.J., DePriest, A.Z., Heltsley, R., Black, D.L., Mitchell, J.M., LoDico, C., et al. (Sep 2015)
AB-CHMINACA, AB-PINACA, and FUBIMINA: Affinity and potency of novel synthetic cannabinoids in producing delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol-like effects in mice
Wiley, J.L., Marusich, J.A., Lefever, T.W., Antonazzo, K.R., Wallgren, M.T., Cortes, R.A., Patel, P.R., Grabenauer, M., Moore, K.N., & Thomas, B.F. (Sep 2015)
Relaxation training assisted by heart rate variability biofeedback: Implication for a military predeployment stress inoculation protocol
Lewis, G.F., Hourani, L., Tueller, S., Kizakevich, P., Bryant, S., Weimer, B., et al. (Sep 2015)
Maximizing Effectiveness Trials in PTSD and SUD Through Secondary Analysis: Benefits and Limitations Using the National Institute on Drug Abuse Clinical Trials Network 'Women and Trauma' Study as a Case Example
Hien, D.A., Campbell, A.N., Ruglass, L.M., Saavedra, L., Mathews, A.G., Kiriakos, G., & Morgan-Lopez, A. (Sep 2015)
White flight and coming to the nuisance: Can residential mobility explain environmental injustice?
Depro, B., Timmins, C., & O'Neil, M. (Sep 2015)
Rural Medicare beneficiaries have fewer follow-up visits and greater emergency department use postdischarge
Toth, M., Holmes, M., Van Houtven, C., Toles, M., Weinberger, M., & Silberman, P. (Sep 2015)