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The RTI Publications Database is a fully searchable repository of RTI-authored publications. Its goal is to communicate knowledge gained through our research and technical services by ensuring our findings are documented and available in the public domain. The database contains more than 19527 publications and includes journal articles, books, chapters, conference proceedings, reports, technical papers, patents, presentations, and posters.

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Recent Publications

Care continuity in a patient-centered medical home setting
Perry, R.J., McCall, N., Wensky, S.G., & Haber, S.G. (Feb 2016)
Prejudice and the plate: Effects of weight bias in nutrition judgments
Schuldt, J.P., Guillory, J.E., & Gay, G.K. (Feb 2016)
Reducing stillbirths in low-income countries
Goldenberg, R.L., Saleem, S., Pasha, O., Harrison, M., & McClure, E.M. (Feb 2016)
The new psychoactive substances 5-(2-aminopropyl)indole (5-IT) and 6-(2-aminopropyl)indole (6-IT) interact with monoamine transporters in brain tissue
Marusich, J.A., Antonazzo, K.R., Blough, B.E., Brandt, S.D., Kavanagh, P.V., Partilla, J.S., et al. (Feb 2016)
The CHUM: A frame supplementation procedure for address-based sampling
Shook-Sa, B.E., Harter, R., McMichael, J., Ridenhour, J., & Dever, J. (Feb 2016)
Impact of patient adherence on the cost-effectiveness of noninvasive tests for the initial diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infection in the United States
Boklage SH, , Mangel AW, , Ramamohan V, , Mladsi D, , & Wang T, (Jan 2016)
Cardiovascular risk associated with the use of glitazones, metformin and sufonylureas: meta-analysis of published observational studies
Pladevall, M., Riera Guardia N, , Margulis AV, , Varas-Lorenzo C, , Calingaert B, , & Perez-Gutthann, S. (Jan 2016)
Superlattice-based thin-film thermoelectric modules with high cooling fluxes
Bulman, G., Barletta, P., Lewis, J., Baldasaro, N., Manno, M., Bar-Cohen, A., et al. (Jan 2016)
Comparative effectiveness of granulocyte colony-stimulating factors to prevent febrile neutropenia and related complications in cancer patients in clinical practice: a systematic review
Mitchell, S., Li X, , Woods M, , Garcia J, , Hebard-Massey K, , Barron R, , et al. (Jan 2016)
Decentralization and decentralized education finance in Egypt (2007-2013)
Healey, F.H., Hanna, R., & Attalla, H. (Jan 2016)