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The RTI Publications Database is a fully searchable repository of RTI-authored publications. Its goal is to communicate knowledge gained through our research and technical services by ensuring our findings are documented and available in the public domain. The database contains more than 19329 publications and includes journal articles, books, chapters, conference proceedings, reports, technical papers, patents, presentations, and posters.

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Recent Publications

Supercritical water oxidation of a model fecal sludge without the use of a co-fuel
Miller, A., Espanani, R., Junker, A., Hendry, D., Wilkinson, N., Bollinger, D., et al. (Dec 2015)
Which somatic symptoms are associated with an unfavorable course in Chinese patients with major depressive disorder?
Novick, D., Montgomery, W.S., Aguado, J., Peng, X., Brugnoli, R., & Haro, J.M. (Dec 2015)
Patient-reported outcomes in Latin America: Implementation in research and role in emerging HTA systems
Winnette, R., Zarate, V., Machnicki, G., DeMuro, C., Gawlicki, M., & Gnanasakthy, A. (Dec 2015)
The effect of multi-track year-round academic calendars on property values: Evidence from district imposed school calendar conversions
Depro, B., & Rouse, K. (Dec 2015)
Completion and compliance of childhood vaccinations in the United States
Kurosky, S.K., Davis, K.L., & Krishnarajah, G. (Nov 2015)
Improving diagnosis in health care — The next imperative for patient safety
Singh, H., & Graber, M.L. (Nov 2015)
Sustainable cities: Key considerations in the selection of strategies to optimize solid waste management
Zapata, A.M., & Weitz, K.A. (Nov 2015)
Understanding the context for long-term care planning
Broyles, I.H., Sperber, N.R., Voils, C.I., Konetzka, R.T., Coe, N.B., & Van Houtven, C.H. (Nov 2015)
Bring the change you want to see: Scripting women and girls into India’s urban sanitation actions
Muralidharan, A., Elledge, M.F., Krishnan, S., Hartmann, M., & Rowe, B. (Nov 2015)
Stigma's Effect on Social Interaction and Social Media Activity
Boudewyns, V., Himelboim, I., Hansen, D.L., & Southwell, B.G. (Nov 2015)