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The RTI Publications Database is a fully searchable repository of RTI-authored publications. Its goal is to communicate knowledge gained through our research and technical services by ensuring our findings are documented and available in the public domain. The database contains more than 18427 publications and includes journal articles, books, chapters, conference proceedings, reports, technical papers, patents, presentations, and posters.

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Recent Publications

Using performance-based funding to incentivize change
Klein, S.G. (Jan 2015)
Identification of N-{[6-chloro-4-(2,6-dimethoxyphenyl)quinazolin-2-yl]carbonyl}-l-leucine (NTRC-808), a novel nonpeptide chemotype selective for the neurotensin receptor type 2
Thomas, J.B., Giddings, A.M., Olepu, S., Wiethe, R.W., Harris, D.L., Narayanan, S., Warner, K.R., Sarret, P., Longpre, J.M., Runyon, S.P., & Gilmour, B.P. (Jan 2015)
Trends in emergent hernia repair in the United States
Beadles, C.A., Meagher, A.D., & Charles, A.G. (Jan 2015)
National Estimates of Behavioral Health Conditions and Their Treatment Among Adults Newly Insured Under the ACA
Mark, T.L., Wier, L.M., Malone, K., Penne, M., & Cowell, A.J. (Jan 2015)
Effects of maternity care coordination on pregnancy outcomes: Propensity-weighted analyses
Hillemeier, M., Domino, M.E., Wells, R., Goyal, R.K., Kum, H.-.C., Cilenti, D., et al. (Jan 2015)
Prevalence of Serious Psychological Distress and Mental Health Treatment in a National Sample of Pregnant and Postpartum Women
Glasheen, C., Colpe, L., Hoffman, V., & Warren, L.K. (Jan 2015)
Experiences of violence and association with decreased drug abstinence among women in Cape Town, South Africa
Reed, E., Myers, B., Novak, S.P., Browne, F.A., & Wechsberg, W.M. (Jan 2015)
Forensic Science and the Administration of Justice: Critical Issues and Directions
Strom, K.J., & Hickman, M.J. (Jan 2015)
Clinical Efficacy and Safety in Relapsed/Refractory Mantle Cell Lymphoma: A Systematic Literature Review
Njue, A., Colosia, A., Trask, P.C., Olivares, R., Khan, S., Abbe, A., Police, R., Wang, J., Ruiz-Soto, R., Kaye, J.A., et al. (Jan 2015)
Antenatal magnesium sulfate exposure and acute cardiorespiratory events in preterm infants
De Jesus, L.C., Sood, B.G., Shankaran, S., Kendrick, D., Das, A., Bell, E.F., et al. (Jan 2015)