Prominent Publications

RTI Prominent Publications is a collection of papers by our researchers that have been recognized for their impact on science and policy in keeping with our mission to improve the human condition by turning knowledge into practice.

This abbreviated collection includes papers that have been recognized as outstanding in their field by scientific and technical associations, have been frequently cited in literature, or have significantly impacted the direction of research and study in some way. As a collection, our Prominent Publications highlight the quality of the research and results that we deliver to our clients, the scientific community, and the general public.

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Research Fields

Title Author Type

Advanced Technology - 13 items

Our engineers identify, develop, apply, and transfer leading-edge technologies. We have proven capabilities to successfully execute early- and late-stage R&D programs, and to lead programs from initial R&D to prototyping to commercialization.

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Drug Discovery & Development - 14 items

For more than 50 years, drug discovery and development has been one of our core research activities. We work with pharmaceutical companies and government agencies to bring new medicines to market, and to ensure the safety and efficacy of those in the marketplace.

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Economic & Social Research - 13 items

RTI's multidisciplinary research teams provide policy makers with independent, objective insights regarding a variety of public policies and private sector concerns. This information helps to improve public policy discourse and advance economic and social development decision making in technology economics and policy, crime and justice, and food and agricultural policy.

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Education & Training Research - 5 items

As part of a comprehensive education research and evaluation program, RTI experts conduct rigorous studies used to assess and improve the quality of early development, education, and employment programs in the United States and many other countries.

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Energy Research - 5 items

RTI develops advanced energy technologies to address today's significant energy challenges, such as climate change, energy security, energy efficiency, sustainability, and water conservation, Our research supports national and worldwide goals of reliable, sustainable, economically viable, and secure energy supplies.

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Environmental Research Services - 10 items

RTI conducts a wide range of environmental research. We are a leading provider of research and technical services for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other government agencies.

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Health Research - 91 items

Health research, RTI's largest single field of study, encompasses work that includes studies of the human genome and the biology of chemicals, national surveys of health behaviors, and the implementation of global health programs. Our expertise spans health economics, public health and health policy, health information technology, epidemiology, and health communication.

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Laboratory & Chemistry Services - 5 items

RTI research in health, drug discovery and development, energy, the environment, and advanced technical science applications is supported by a variety of laboratory facilities with state-of-the-art instrumentation, technologies, and processes.

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Statistics Research - 9 items

Statistics research has been one of RTI's primary specialties. Our statisticians, epidemiologists, and bio-statisticians conduct complex statistical analyses to support wide ranging research programs across the physical and social sciences.

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Survey Research & Services - 16 items

RTI's quality survey data are the foundation of thorough and reliable research. They are primary to our success, to the success of our clients, and to the making of sound public policy.

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