Statistics Research

Statistical Software

Designed and developed at RTI, SUDAAN® is an internationally recognized statistical software package that specializes in providing efficient and accurate analysis of data from complex studies.

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Survey Statistics

Our statisticians conduct sample selection and weighting and data collection, processing, and analysis for the National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

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Neonatal Research Network

We provide statistical and data coordinating services to the NICHD Neonatal Research Network, which strives to improve the health of low birth weight and premature infants.

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Ranking the Best Hospitals

Since 2005, we have collected and analyzed the data behind the annual rankings of "Best Hospitals" published by the U.S. News & World Report.

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National Resource on Mental Health Statistics

In 2012 our researchers published a reference volume of mental health statistics from the most recent data sources available.

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Our statisticians and biostatisticians conduct complex statistical analyses to support research programs across the laboratory and social sciences. We work to ensure the quality, validity, and reliability of our research products and results by applying quality control and assurance procedures from sampling design through data collection and analysis. Show more

Teams of statisticians work alongside economists, biologists, engineers, environmental scientists, and other experts to provide the quantitative, qualitative, and statistical analyses needed to answer complex research questions.


RTI International, Duke Clinical Research Institute to serve as data coordinating center for mapping the developing human lung

The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute announced that the Duke Clinical Research Institute, in conjunction with RTI International, will serve as data coordinating center for the Molecular Atlas of Lung Development Program (LungMAP). 

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