Primary Data Collection

To perform quantitative analyses, primary data collection routinely involves some combination of survey and/or interview processes. Gathering perspectives from stakeholders and assembling them into a clear and accurate context related to a new technology is challenging. Further, identifying prospective survey respondents from an array of industries can be extremely difficult.


  • Our technology economists ensure accurate and robust survey results based on extensive experience in sampling, survey device development, and survey methodologies. We also have rigorous systems in place to maintain confidentiality and information integrity.
  • Primary data collection has been an integral part of our core capabilities. Our technology economists and survey support staff routinely survey all layers of a technology supply chain, including instances where that supply chain encompasses multiple industries. We develop a 360-degree view of an emerging technology that covers developers, manufacturers, end users, and academics.
  • Employing a variety of techniques -- including Internet surveys, case studies, telephone interviews, and focus groups -- allows us to capture the greatest number of high-quality responses within reasonable time frames from disparate perspectives.


  • Onsite interviews of automotive and aerospace original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and parts suppliers to determine economic losses from failed computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) electronic data exchange
  • Internet survey of computer programmers and software users to estimate the economic cost of software errors and bugs
  • Case studies of computer network access control for financial institutions
  • Telephone surveys of manufacturers and end users of chemical reference materials for fuel testing and calibration of environmental monitoring equipment