Economy-Wide Models

Economy-wide models examine policy effects as they are spread throughout an economy. RTI economists support customized economy-wide model development using standard general-purpose solution software: GAMS/MPSGE. Examples of these selected applications, documentation, and peer-review are provided below.

An RTI Macroeconomic Analysis System (ARTIMAS)

ARTIMAS is a macroeconomic data management and modeling system that provides clients with macroeconomic policy evaluations. The current base configuration of ARTIMAS provides access to a cost-effective, single-period, country-level CGE model that only uses publicly available data. It is designed to support policy evaluations with very short-term schedules. ARTIMAS can also be tailored to answer more complex questions that require more regional, industry, and inter-temporal details.

Other customizations will also include:

  • U.S. state and/or global coverage
  • Dynamic economic modeling over a specified time horizon
  • A highly detailed representation of electricity generation and pollution abatement

Applied Dynamic Analysis of the Global Economy

The Applied Dynamic Analysis of the Global Economy (RTI ADAGE) model is a perfect foresight dynamic CGE model capable of examining climate change mitigation and other energy policies.

RTI ADAGE Version 2015

  • Global CGE Module: Release plans and date to be announced.
  • U.S. Regional CGE Module: Documentation revisions are scheduled for Summer/Fall 2015.

RTI ADAGE Version 2013

ADAGE Documentation

RTI ADAGE - Agriculture/Land Use (ALU)

Global CGE Module: Customized module focused on Agriculture and Land Use topics. The model includes more detail on the agriculture sector and uses a recursive dynamic framework.

Electricity Market Analysis

The RTI Electricity Market Analysis (RTI EMA) is a dynamic linear programming model of US wholesale electricity markets that can run as a stand-alone model or can be integrated with RTI ADAGE.

U.S. Power Sector Module (RTI EMA)

  • RTI EMA Version 2015: Release plans and date to be announced.
  • RTI EMA Version 2013: Stand-alone revisions are scheduled for Spring 2015.