International Education Projects: Ethiopia

Reading for Ethiopia's Achievement Developed (READ) Technical Assistance Project (2012-2017)


United States Agency for International Development


This project supports the Ethiopian Ministry of Education (MOE) in its efforts to develop a nationwide reading and writing program. The objective of the project is to improve the reading and writing skills of children in grades one through eight in both their mother tongue and English, as measured by improvements in learning outcomes. The project is expected to reach 15 million children in all schools and all regions of Ethiopia.

We are undertaking the following five core tasks during the five-year implementation period: (a) developing reading and writing materials appropriate for primary classrooms and pre- and in-service teacher training; (b) applying language-specific teaching and learning methodologies and strategies that focus on helping students learn to read and write effectively; (c) supporting and enhancing teaching and learning through appropriate technology and teaching aids; (d) providing technical assistance support to the Regional State Education Bureau and the Ministry of Education or the READ Institutional Improvement project; and (e) conducting midpoint and end-of-project Early Grade Reading Assessments (EGRA) to measure the impact of new curriculum, materials, and teaching.