Global Health Projects: Nicaragua

Strategic Alliances for Social Investment Project (Alliances2 para la Educación y la Salud) (2010-2013)


United States Agency for International Development


Alliances2 is an innovative project designed to address high-priority health and education issues in Nicaragua. Alliances2 helps establish and maintain public-private partnerships (PPPs) with corporations, foundations, universities, nongovernmental organizations, national agencies, and the donor community—as well as among local governments, civil society, and the private sector--to increase social sector investments in communities.

Alliances2 aims to sustainably build the capacity of local organizations to improve health and education in Nicaragua. To achieve this goal, funds leveraged from the PPPs are distributed as grants to local organizations to implement projects that improve the quality of basic education and increase access to and the quality of maternal and child health and nutrition services.

In the education sector, PPPs support programs that improve the learning environment by addressing quality, access, and efficiency of basic education services. Alliances2 supports activities in private schools, including training teachers in the latest classroom methodologies and improving school facilities and materials.

In the health sector, Alliances2 engages and mobilizes the private sector to support programs in high-poverty areas that increase access to and the quality of maternal and child health and nutrition services and help to prevent HIV/AIDS among most-at-risk populations.

The program builds upon USAID's successful predecessor project in Nicaragua, also implemented by RTI, which leveraged over $11 million in funding and funded 21 projects.

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