Process Scale-up and Prototype Demonstration

Electricity and hydrogen coproduction
RTI's pilot-scale steam/iron process technology

The goal of our research and development efforts is to take conceptual technologies to commercial realization. An important step on this path is moving technologies from our laboratories to the field for testing and demonstration at a pilot scale. The success of our energy R&D program over the last 20 years has allowed us to build and strengthen our expertise in designing, engineering, and operating pilot prototype systems. Industrial partnerships, particularly during pilot demonstration, have allowed us to structure successful pilot testing programs and collect the data required to prove the commercial feasibility of our technologies.

Process Scale-up

We have a dedicated staff of engineers with extensive experience in process design, engineering, modeling, and simulation to help guide new technology development from concept through scale-up and demonstration. Read more about our process engineering, simulation, and design capabilities.

Catalyst and Sorbent Scale-up

We actively try to adapt commercial and scalable production practices early in our catalyst and sorbent development processes. Working closely with major commercial catalyst manufacturers on our projects allows for a straightforward and rapid scale-up of a majority of our catalysts and sorbents.

Technology Demonstration

Following are examples of RTI-developed technologies that have been demonstrated at pilot scale or larger:

  • Warm syngas desulfurization technology
  • RTI-3: warm syngas desulfurization sorbent
  • Direct sulfur recovery process
  • Multicontaminant syngas cleaning
  • Steam/iron process for coproduction of electricity and hydrogen