At RTI International, we believe that all staff members have a personal responsibility to ensure that our behavior reflects our shared values of respect for the individual, respect for RTI, integrity, fiscal responsibility, excellence, innovation, and objectivity. The Code of Conduct, covering a wide range of policies and standards for our organization, applies to everyone who works for RTI. The principles in our Code of Conduct guide us in maintaining the highest ethical standards as we pursue our vision to become the worlds’ leading independent research organization.

E. Wayne Holden, President and CEO


It is our policy that everyone working on behalf of RTI must act in an honest and ethical manner at all times. To this end, we have established high ethical standards for the conduct of our business. We consider adherence to our company standards of responsible business and research conduct, as well as strict observance of all laws and regulations pertaining to our businesses around the world, to be not only a legal requirement but, more than that, an ethical obligation for all.

Our commitment to ethical business conduct can be seen in the RTI Code of Conduct, which all employees and everyone else working on behalf of RTI are expected to know and follow.

No set of ethical standards can be comprehensive and anticipate every eventuality. The RTI Code is intended to raise awareness of ethical issues to guide us in our consideration of the effect of our decisions and behavior on RTI integrity and credibility as a whole and to help us avoid potential problems.

RTI's Code of Conduct clearly prohibits human trafficking and serves as a guide to help RTI and our its employees conduct its projects ethically and in adherence with all applicable laws. The details of RTI's Anti-Trafficking Compliance Program can be found here

Ethics Help Line

Staff members may report concerns anonymously through the Ethics Help Line at +1 919 541 7070 or confidentially to