Communication Science

What We Do

RTI's communication science professionals promote consumer engagement, patient-provider communications, and informed decision making by developing, implementing, and evaluating strategic communications, interventions, and campaigns. Our goal is to improve communication about scientific knowledge to help people make evidence-based decisions regarding individual behaviors, community action, social policy, and resource investments.

Our Strategy

To accomplish this, we examine how people seek, use, and process information and how they make decisions by exploring personal, social-cultural, market, and media influences. We conduct comprehensive evaluations that examine the efficacy and effectiveness of programs to build the evidence base for best practices.

We also recognize communication as an interactive process in which technology plays a key role. This allows us to design integrated marketing, communication, and media strategies and products that convey information to users in a way they can understand and act on. We apply social marketing principles and techniques to promote behavior change and create social impact. Our messages, interventions, and campaigns are theoretically grounded and disseminated using a variety of innovative digital and social media as well as traditional channels.

Who We Work With

Our work supports scientists, policy makers, professional communicators, and the interested public as they exchange evidence-based information. We recognize that it is critically important to integrate the user perspective and expert input into the design of communication products and programs. By bringing together communication researchers with design strategists, we can understand what promotes behavior change and more effectively reach, engage, and mobilize people.

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people-photo Lauren McCormack
Director, Center for Communication Science
people-photo Jennifer Uhrig
Program Director, Social & Behavior Change Research
people-photo Brian G. Southwell
Program Director, Science in the Public Sphere
people-photo Megan A. Lewis
Program Director, Patient & Family Engagement Research
people-photo Alexandra Bornkessel
Program Director, Social Innovation & Digital Strategy