Laboratory and Chemistry Services

Testing and Analysis

We conduct materials testing and analysis for clients in state and federal government as well as for various manufacturing and commercial concerns.

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Analytical Chemistry Services

Our dedicated laboratories for chemical identification and analysis serve various public and private clients and research programs.

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Environmental Chemistry

We offer services from sampling and analysis of pollutants to filter module loading and shipping to high-volume analyses and quality management.

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Methods Development and Evaluation

We develop methods protocols and collaboratively test and evaluate these protocols with other cooperating laboratories.

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RTI research in health, drug discovery and development, energy, the environment, and advanced technical science applications is supported by lab facilities with state-of-the-art instrumentation, technologies, and processes. Our specifications and procedures emphasize quality control and excellence at every level of laboratory activity to meet the expectations and needs of our clients. Show more

Our clients include state and federal agencies that set policies and standards across multiple industries, commercial businesses that are required to meet those standards, and international agencies and governments engaged in research and development projects around the world.

Pam Border, ASCLD/LAB and John Collins, RTI International, receive awards at the annual American Society of Crime Lab Directors Meeting

Collins Honored for Outstanding Forensic Management

John Collins, forensic science policy and management advisor at RTI International, recently received the 2013 Briggs J. White Award for excellence in forensic sciences management. The award is presented annually to a member of the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors who best demonstrates excellence and leadership in forensic science. Read more