Better Lives for Some, Shorter Lives for Others: Are New Drugs Worth the Risk?



May 2, 2012


Presentation slides
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2012 Policy Forum Series


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s dual mandate is to ensure that Americans get access to effective medications, medical devices, food supplements, and other products as well as to protect Americans from unsafe products. Tipping the balance in favor of safety can deny the vast majority of patients access to promising new medications and devices that could improve their health or even save their lives. At this forum, a group of leading experts will consider how patients’ willingness to accept risks of new medications and medical technologies should be considered in regulatory decisions.

Brett Hauber, PhD, Senior Economist and Global Head of Health Preference Assessment, RTI Health Solutions

Telba Z. Irony, PhD, Chief of the General Surgical Devices Branch, Devices and Radiological Health, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
F. Reed Johnson, PhD, Distinguished Fellow and Principal Economist, RTI Health Solutions
Bennett Levitan, MD, PhD, Director, Quantitative Safety Research, Department of Epidemiology, Janssen Research & Development
Mitchell T. Wallin, MD, MPH, Clinical Associate Director, Multiple Sclerosis Center of Excellence, Baltimore Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center/University of Maryland