Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions

RTI International is a pre-approved, federally qualified vendor within the General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule System. Our communication expertise is leveraged across a broad base of RTI scientific research activities including the following disciplines: health; international, economic, and social development; data capture and management; engineering; environment and natural resources; and education and training.

AIMS Contract GS-07F-0112U

RTI's Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions (AIMS) services are available under a Multiple Award Schedule contract available for use by all federal agencies worldwide. The period of performance for this award is December 1, 2012 through November 30, 2017.

GS-07F-0112U comprises the following services: market research and analysis, video/film production, exhibit design and implementation, and integrated marketing. These services are identified by Special Item Numbers (SINs) 541-4A, 541-4B, 541-4C, and 541-5, as well as 541-1000 (Other Direct Costs). Also included are labor category descriptions.

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Research Guided Strategy Meets Creativity

Research is the cornerstone of RTI. We uncover, understand, and amplify the "voice of the customer." RTI provides the hybrid skill sets and multidisciplinary expertise that can comprehensively guide and inform your strategy: from formative research to campaign development and creative production, from dissemination to evaluation.

Our scientists provide full-service quantitative and qualitative research capabilities—study design, instrument development, sample selection, statistical analysis, and reporting.

Our visual designers, illustrators, and storytellers craft 360-degree solutions through graphic design, branding psychology, content strategy, and technology.

Our communication specialists and multimedia producers infuse creativity with strategy and evaluation, while marrying technology know-how with content, subject, audience, and design expertise in ways that build knowledge and influence behavior change to improve health outcomes,

Our conference and exhibit specialists combine creativity with cost-efficient technologies to plan and implement informative and engaging events for audiences ranging from 5 to 5,000 worldwide.

Our team serves thinking organizations—from federal agencies to commercial clients—who look to improve public health, safety, the environment, and education at home and around our world. We identify and profile audiences, develop marketing and communications strategies, and influence and shape knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors.

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Download the RTI AIMS brochure to learn more about our following services:

541-4A Market Research and Analysis

Uncovering customer insights through focus groups, interviews, survey research, cognitive and usability testing, and polling activities

  • Conducting market segmentation and analysis
  • Establishing measurable marketing objectives
  • Determining market trends and conditions to better identify and implement strategies

541-4B Video/Film Production

Providing creative visioning and strategic planning for broadcast and online media products

  • Writing, scripting, editing, and production
  • Directing, casting, and narration
  • Video scoring, music, animation, and sound effects
  • Creating online video campaigns, ads, and search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Live-streaming, webinar support, and mobile video

541-4C Exhibit Design and Implementation Services

Delivering traditional and virtual conference planning, implementation, and management

  • Custom, compelling interactive display graphics
  • Exhibit design, development, and management
  • Site selection, management, and logistics coordination
  • Booth management and staffing
  • Speaker recruitment and support

541-5 Integrated Marketing Services

Marrying strategic marketing, creativity, technology, content and design expertise to put knowledge into practice

  • Marketing, media, and outreach
  • Digital strategy and social media communications
  • Web and mobile design and development
  • Electronic and print publication services
  • Graphics and creative design solutions