International Education Projects: Nigeria

Nigeria Education Data Survey Project (NEDS II) (2013-2014)


United States Agency for International Development


This project provides technical support to Nigeria's Federal Ministry of Education (FMOE) and state ministries of education to access and use education data for policy and decision making. Through this project, RTI is undertaking the following tasks: (1) supporting the FMOE and Education Management Information Systems (EMIS) Unit on utilizing the EMIS toolbox and building the Ministry's capacity to step down to the states; (2) collaborating with the FMOE to develop state-specific reports and publications based on the results of the recent National Education Household Survey; and (3) developing a general bulletin on the education sector in Nigeria, profiling the policy and institutional arrangements that govern and manage the sector, at both federal and state levels.

Northern Education Initiative (2009-2013)


Creative Associates International/United States Agency for International Development


Implemented by Creative Associates International, the Northern Education Initiative supports states in Northern Nigeria: Sokoto and Bauchi.  RTI provides services for strengthening state and local government systems. 

RTI works to strengthen strategic planning systems by assisting the two states develop their Mid-Term Sector Strategy (MTSS) and Education Sector Plan process with particular emphasis on strengthening civil society participation in the MTSS process and using standards or targets to evaluate implementation on an annual basis.

The project supports financial resource management through improving budgeting procedures and funding application practices; improving accounting, procurement, and logistics management systems; and piloting the use of school discretionary funds and school-based budgeting.

RTI’s team is strengthening education management information systems (EMIS) by

  • Adapting the national EMIS policy to each state's needs
  • Installing hardware and providing training in the use of national EMIS software
  • Linking multiple data sets to increase the scope of data
  • Strengthening data utilization and communication capacity
  • Improving the efficacy of the school census data collection system.

RTI also supports system performance management and accountability at the school level by helping parents monitor their children’s performance at school and at the local government level by providing an opportunity for civil society and political classes to jointly negotiate and support local educational planning and decision-making.

This project is a task of the ABE-LINK contract.

Nigeria National Education Survey (NEDS) (2009-2011)


United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the United Kingdom Department for International Development (DfID)


Nigeria is struggling to meet its target of universal basic education. Lack of reliable data about the reasons for low school attendance and poor classroom instruction hinders state and federal education planners.

To provide a more complete picture of schooling needs at the local level, RTI oversaw the third and largest Nigeria Education Data Survey (NEDS), covering approximately 30,000 households with school-aged children spread across all 36 states of Nigeria and the capital Abuja.

Jointly funded by USAID and DfID, RTI worked with the National Population Commission of Nigeria to conduct a household-based education survey examining school attendance and absenteeism, expenditure on schooling, and parents’ perception of school quality and values.

RTI advised on the sample design, questionnaires, and training manuals and completed nuanced analysis of the data, looking at how factors such as teaching quality and distance to school impact families' choices.


Presented at a national event attended by the vice president, the results of the survey will be used to assess the accuracy of enrollment data collected via ongoing school censuses, learn beneficiaries’ perspectives on whether federal and state government reforms and investments are targeting the key constraints to access and quality, compare levels of access and quality across Nigeria’s states, and analyze trends in equitable access and quality over time.

NEDS was a task order of the EdData II contract.

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