Justice, Safety, and Resilience

Our research in justice, safety, and resilience is founded on the idea that these and related issues are best understood in the context of surrounding social ills, systems, and policies. Domestically, we conduct research for federal agencies but also work with state and local agencies and non-governmental organizations. Internationally, we work in individual countries on violence prevention, organized crime and gang intervention strategies, and policing responses to crime.

In addition to expertise in crime, delinquency, corrections, law enforcement, and justice, our research staff draw on diverse expertise across RTI in substance abuse, physical and mental health, employment and training, housing, education, and forensics. Versatility and multidisciplinary methods are the hallmark of our work.

Our capabilities include basic and applied research, program development and implementation, multisite program evaluation, data collection, quantitative and qualitative analysis, cost-benefit analysis, research computing, and dissemination.

A critical component of our work in justice, safety, and resilience is gender-focused research and studies of sexual violence. To broaden and strengthen our policy and program evaluations, we draw on the varied expertise and resources found in the RTI Global Gender Center.

Research Practice Areas

Project Highlights


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