HISPC Meeting Sessions and Presentations

Privacy and Security Solutions for Interoperable Health Information Exchange
National Conference: March 5-6, 2007; Bethesda, Md.

This meeting assembled members of the Health Information Security and Privacy Collaboration (HISPC), representing 33 states and Puerto Rico, to discuss the variations in organization level business practices, policies, and state laws related to the private and secure exchange of electronic health information. Day 1 (March 5) included presentations and discussions of the key findings of the assessments. Day 2 (March 6) included discussions about next steps and future directions.

Monday, March 5, 2007
Current Landscape of Privacy and Security Issues That Impact eHIE

Opening Session

Welcome and Opening Remarks
--Dr. Carolyn Clancy, Director, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
--Dr. Robert Kolodner, Interim National Coordinator, Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology

Highlights of the Nationwide Summary of the Interim Assessment of Variation
--Linda Dimitropoulos, Ph.D., RTI International

Day 1 Breakout Sessions

Track A: Consent Issues
--Session 1A: Framing the Issues
--Session 2A: State Consent Laws
--Session 3A: Special Protections and Public Health

Track B: Data Security and Quality
--Session 1B: The 4 A's
--Session 2B: Access and Auditing Access
--Session 3B: Trust in Security

Track C: Legal and Regulatory Issues
--Session 1C: State Laws: Finding Them and Interpreting Them
--Session 2C: State Laws That Are Outdated or Nonexistent
--Session 3C: Intersection Between State Laws and Federal Regulations 

Track D: Interpreting and Applying HIPAA
--Session 1D: Variations in "Minimum Necessary" Interpretation
--Session 2D: Fear of Liability
--Session 3D: Issues related to Entities That May Handle PHI but Do Not Clearly Come Under HIPAA

Tuesday, March 6, 2007
Future Directions: Privacy and Security Solutions

Day 2 Breakout Sessions

Track A: Reducing Mistrust Through Education and Outreach
--Session 4A: Educating Consumers About Risks and Rewards
--Session 5A: HIPAA Education: Why the Confusion and What Can We Do About It?

Track B: Moving Forward in States at Different Points in the Process
--Session 4B: Key Issues in States Planning the Move From Paper to eHIE
--Session 5B: Next Steps in States With Established Electronic HIEs

Track C: Governance and Leadership for Privacy and Security Solutions
--Session 4C: Governance
--Session 5C: Implementation

Track D: State Legislation and Business Policies
--Session 4D: Model Laws and Policies
--Session 5D: Model Forms and Business Agreements