Special Sample and Report Preparation

We offer special sample preparation for metals and ion analysis, as well as preparation of special reports. These services are accompanied by added costs.

Special Sample Preparation

Analysis/RTI ID No. Analyte
Metals Analysis
1000 Soil, dust, & paint leach
1001 Total (hard) digestion of soils, geological materials, etc.
1002 Homogenization of tissue samples
1003 Acid digestion of tissue samples
1004 Dry ashing/acid digestion of environmental samples
1005 EPA method 29 - Multiple metals microwave digestion
1006 EPA method 29 - Mercury digestion
1007 Leach of PM10 filter by EPA method IO-3.1 (including sectioning of fiber filter)
1008 Soil drying and sieving for quantitative XRF analysis
1009 Sample dilution/rinse
Ion Analysis
1100 Passive sampler (ozone, acid gases) handling


Special Reports

RTI ID No. Item
1150 "Raw" data package
1151 cGMP (FDA-compliant) report
1152 GLP (FDA-compliant) report


Professional Analytical Chemist Services

RTI ID No. Service
101 Senior Research Analytical Chemist
102 Research Analytical Chemist
103 Laboratory Support