International Education Projects: Philippines

EdData II: Strengthening Information for Education, Policy, Planning and Management in the Philippines (PhilEd Data Project) (2012-2013)


United States Agency for International Development


With one-year funding from the US Agency for International Development, we conducted a follow-on task order in the Philippines under the broader EdData II program. The principal role of EdData II was to improve the accuracy, timeliness, accessibility, and use of data for education policy, program planning, and governance.

Through PhilEd Data, we helped the Department of Education make better use of existing data, generate and extract maximum value from new data, and build capacity for ongoing data generation, management, and analysis. Specifically, we helped the National Education Testing and Research Center analyze the validity and reliability of current national standardized examinations and assessment tools; piloted a national, sample-based early grade reading assessment; assisted the Department of Education in developing reporting formats for national assessment results consistent with its overarching objectives; and provided technical assistance and advised the development of new national benchmark assessments.

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