Public Health and Policy Research

Our experts in public health and policy research devote themselves to developing objective information about health care policy issues for multiple federal and state agencies.

Our work encompasses quality care, consumer food safety, elder and long-term care, health promotion, and a variety of other public policy issues that require accurate research to help develop sound policy.

Performance Measure Development & Implementation Program (PMDI)

Program Director: Karen Reilly, ScD

Program Manager: Franziska Rokoske, MS

Program Description

The Performance Measure Development and Implementation (PMDI) program develops and supports the implementation of national health care performance measures across the health care continuum. Our research has direct application to a wide range of national health care policy issues.

Applying quantitative and qualitative methods, our multidisciplinary research team designs and tests process and outcomes measures that are transparent and understandable by a wide variety of stakeholders including providers, consumers, insurers, and government officials. The measures address current and emerging quality and payment issues and are typically made available on public reporting websites, such as the federal Nursing Home Compare website and other national quality reporting programs.

Our team also develops, implements, and maintains standardized data collection vehicles and measure specifications, incorporating health information technology with the aim to harmonize measures and data collection across reporting programs. The ultimate goal is to streamline national data collection and healthcare performance measure reporting across the post-acute and long-term care continuum. Much of our work is funded by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and supports the National Quality Strategy and implementation of the requirements of the Affordable Care Act and the IMPACT Act.  

Our research is highly visible nationally, of direct relevance to health policy decision making, and routinely integrated into national health policies which assess provider performance, quality and clinical outcome.


The Performance Measure Development and Implementation program research responds to a growing mandate to clearly link provider performance measurement to quality outcomes and payment. National legislation, such as the Affordable Care Act and the IMPACT Act of 2014, often underscores the significance and urgency of rigorous and transparent performance measure design, which can be used to inform national policy decisions and implemented across various stakeholders. The Performance Measure Development and Implementation Program was developed to conduct research that incorporates sound implementation strategies related to policies, programs, and demonstrations which address provider performance.


PMDI’s mission is to conduct rigorous empirical research and provide technical assistance, offering clear, actionable information that stakeholders such as federal or state policy makers, providers, and consumers can use in decision making related to measuring provider performance at multiple levels. Identifying and incorporating fluid policy foci is an imperative component of our successful research.


The vision of PMDI is to be the sought after research program offering expertise in developing and implementing rigorous, state-of-the-art performance measures, applicable across provider settings and in concert with national and international policy needs. The aim is to proactively develop quality and payment performance measures applicable across multiple stakeholders and systems, while incorporating varying missions and measurable impacts toward improving health care quality.

Research Practice Areas

Our researchers conduct quantitative and qualitative research, policy analysis and technical assistance in the following areas:

  • Provider performance measurement – conceptualization to implementation
  • Science of measure development including post-acute care quality measure development
  • Standardized data items (e.g., CARE)
  • Provider cross setting measure design and implementation (e.g., interoperable; harmonization)
  • Analyses
  • Demonstration evaluation
  • Public policy evaluation
  • Design
  • Provider and public reporting
  • Policy evaluation
  • Program and demonstration evaluation design and analyses

Key Client

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Selected PMDI Project Highlights

  • MIDS IDIQ umbrella (CMS master contract)
  • Hospice Quality Reporting Program Measure Development, Maintenance, and Support (Develop, maintain, and implement quality measures and the Hospice Item Set, in support of the Hospice Quality Reporting Program)
  • Development and Maintenance of Symptom Management Measures (Develop cross setting and provider specific quality measure, develop standardized data collection items and instrument, and implement post-acute care provider reporting)