Aerosol Technology

Our aerosol experts study critical industrial applications and environmental implications of aerosols. Our extensive test facilities include wind tunnels, test ducts, and cleanrooms, and our suites of aerosol measurement and generation instrumentation enable us to synthesize and characterize broad aerosol chemistries from the nanoscale to the micron-scale. Example aerosol programs include

  • Transport and fate of aerosolized particles within occupational workplace settings as well as within the environment
  • Garment testing capabilities to support research in protecting occupational and emergency personnel from aerosol particles
  • Sensing of aerosol particles for real-time measurements to relate personal exposure of aerosols to human health
  • Development of portable instruments to detect and characterize aerosol particles
  • Characterization of nanoscale materials to assess nanoscale properties and their implications for biological interactions
  • Synthesis of aerosol nanoparticles for filtration assessment and environmental transport measurements

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