AAPOR: American Association for Public Opinion Research

May 17-20, 2012; Orlando, FL

RTI International is attending the 67th annual American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) conference in Orlando, Florida, May 17–20, 2012.

The theme of this year’s conference is "Evaluating New Frontiers in Public Opinion and Social Research." In this rapidly changing communication environment, this theme will provide a forum to discuss the implications of these myriad changes for the public opinion, marketing science and survey research professions. The conference will feature cutting-edge educational sessions, in-depth short courses, informal access to leaders in the field, and an informative exhibit hall with representatives from key service and product providers.

Additional information about the 2012 AAPOR conference is available at http://www.aapor.org/AAPOR_Annual_Conference.htm.

RTI Papers and Presentations

Thursday, May 17

  • Anticipatory Survey Design: Reduction of Nonresponse Bias Through Bias Prediction Models
    A. Peytchev, S. Riley, J. Rosen, J. Murphy, M. Lindblad, P. Biemer
  • The Effects of Vignette Placement on Survey Estimates: A Split Ballot Experiment
    Charles Q. Strohm, Judith A. Seltzer, Suzanne M. Bianchi
  • Integrating Biological Data Collection and Retaining Survey Subjects in a Longitudinal Workplace Survey [Presentation]
    Leslie Erickson, Frank Mierzwa
  • Gaming the System: Inaccurate Responses to Randomized Response Technique Items [Paper] [Presentation]
    Ashley Richards, Elizabeth Dean
  • A Demonstration of a Multi-Platform Mobile Survey Application: Survey Pulse
    David Roe, Yuying Zhang, Michael Keating
  • Surveying Katrina Survivors – Sample Design Challenges and Solutions
    Karol Krotki, Darryl Creel, Joe McMichael, Marjorie Hinsdale
  • Facebook Applications as a Data Collection Platform
    Adam Sage
  • Methodological Considerations in Analyzing Twitter Data
    Annice Kim, Heather Hansen, Joe Murphy
  • Can Automated Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Data Replace Human Coding
    Annice Kim, Ashley Richards, Joe Murphy, Adam Sage, Heather Hansen
  • A Case Study of Developing Translation Standards for Consumer Research in Emerging Markets
    Jennie W. Lai, Mandy Sha, Teresa Jin

Friday, May 18

  • Disentangling Mode and Nonresponse Effects in the World Trade Center Health Registry [Presentation]
    Joe Murphy, Robert Brackbill, Shengchao Yu, David Wu, Deborah Walker, Lennon Turner, Steven Stellman, Sara Miller, Erica Saleska
  • Measurement Errors in Self-Reports of Consumer Expenditures: Are Errors Attributable to Respondents or Expenditure Types?
    Charles Q. Strohm, Emily Geisen, Ashley Richards, Brandon Kopp
  • Examining the Relationship Between the Accuracy of Self-Reported Data and the Availability of Respondent Financial Records [Paper] [Presentation]
    Emily Geisen, M. Chris Stringer, Charles Strohm, Brandon Kopp, Ashley Richards
  • Would You Like a Receipt With That? Availability of Respondent Records When Collecting Expenditure Information
    Amy Hendershott, Jennifer Edgar, Emily Geisen, M. Chris Stringer
  • Interviewing Proxy Versus Suspected Duplicate Respondents to Obtain Information Regarding Potential Duplicate Living Situations [Presentation]
    Tiffany King, Sarah Cook, Jennifer Hunter Childs
  • Sleep Diary Feasibility and Mode Study: Paper vs. Electronic
    Jaki Brown, Vanessa Thornburg, Diana Fishbein, Joe Nofziger, Charles Loftis
  • Managing Quality on a Large Qualitative Research Study With Complex Recruitment Criteria
    Mandy Sha, Katherine Kenward, Julie Feldman, Sarah Heimel
  • Resolving Duplication: Success of Applying Census Residency Rule to Census 2010 Duplicates' Data
    Emilia Peytcheva, Mandy Sha, Ryan King
  • Mobile Technology and Survey Research: Lessons from Early Implementations and the Consumer Marketplace [Presentation]
    Michael Keating

Saturday, May 19

  • An Examination of Cohort Retention Efforts on the National Survey of Child and Adolescent Well-Being
    Jennifer Keeney, Melissa Dolan, Orin Day, Alison Kowalski, Keith Smith
  • Efficiency of Recruitment Methods to Reach Monolingual Asian Participants for Cognitive Interviews
    Lu Liu, Mandy Sha, Hyunjoo Park
  • Allocation to Cell and Landline Frames for Various Dual Frame Telephone Survey Designs
    Burton Levine
  • "What's Happening?" Twitter for Diary Studies [Poster]
    Sarah Cook, Ashley Richards, Elizabeth Dean, Saira Haque
  • Facebook Ads: An Adaptive Convenience Sample-Building Mechanism
    Adam Sage, Liz Dean, Ashley Richards
  • Data Quality of Adolescent Reports on Person and Household Level Income and Program Participation [Poster]
    Patricia A. LeBaron, Gretchen McHenry, Lauren Klein Warren
  • Adapting and Improving Methods of Managing Cognitive Pretesting of Multilingual Survey Instruments
    Mandy Sha, Yuling Pan, Barbara Lazirko
  • Evaluating Multilingual Survey Translation Quality
    Yuling Pan, Marissa Fond, Mandy Sha, Hyunjoo Park
  • Who Is Truly a Monolingual Speaker? [Presentation]
    Hyunjoo Park and Jiyoung Son