Community- and Evidence-Based HIV Interventions

Since 1994, we have led a progression of key studies in community-based research. Applying our research, we work with communities to address social problems where they are found by

  • Engaging hard-to-reach populations in community-based settings
  • Developing and evaluating appropriate interventions with community involvement
  • Disseminating research findings to the communities in which we work

A critical component of our community-based HIV interventions is the integration of gender-focused approaches to prevention. To strengthen our field work and research programs, we draw on the varied expertise and resources found in the RTI Global Gender Center.

Substance Abuse Treatment Evaluations and Interventions

We conduct high-quality, multidisciplinary research that evaluates substance abuse treatment processes and develops and tests the impact and effectiveness of interventions for substance abusers and other high-risk, underserved populations in community-based settings. We also work with federal organizations to measure and evaluate the performance of substance abuse prevention and treatment services.

This evaluations and interventions program maintains field sites in North Carolina, South Africa, and Republic of Georgia. At these sites, we bring RTI's scientific expertise into partnership with community agencies and a community advisory board of citizens and professionals who are dedicated to improving the lives of substance abusers.