Advanced Technology Research and Development

Nanofiber R&D

We have a state-of-the-art electrospray facility and conduct both pure and applied research into nanocomposite films and electrospun nanofibers.

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Electronics R&D

Our engineers develop electronic components and devices, devise novel semiconductor and insulating materials, and analyze client materials.

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Cement and Concrete Technology

Our ongoing collaborations with government and industry focus on all aspects of cement and concrete engineering and management.

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Membrane Development

We develop novel membrane-based processes for industrial gas separation applications in collaboration with industry, government, and academia.

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RTI helps clients identify, develop, and apply electronics and materials science technologies. We have proven capabilities to lead programs from initial research and development to prototyping to commercialization. We assemble multifunctional teams, drawing on our engineering staff of both new graduates and experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds, as well as our close working relationships with industrial, academic, and national laboratories. Show more

RTI is also an industry leader in applying innovative computer technology and software systems to statistics, health, and social research. We use information technology to support national surveys, statistical analyses, clinical trials, community-based research, program evaluations, and other research projects.


New imaging catheter for treatment of heart disease could reduce cardiac intervention complications

An emerging 3-D imaging catheter aims to provide cardiologists with a live view from inside the heart during cardiac catheterizations. Developed by RTI International, the catheter contains an ultrasound microarray made using semiconductor circuit fabrication that can provide unprecedented volumetric field-of-view, in real time.  

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