Lab-Scale and Bench-Scale Testing

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The Johnson Building houses our energy research labs

Our capabilities and resources allow us to quickly move technologies from concept to development and testing through to commercially relevant demonstration. We believe the development and testing phase is particularly critical to the success of any new technology. Therefore, our laboratories are equipped with specialized, lab-, bench-, and pilot scale systems to conduct rigorous testing of new materials and processes.

Lab Facilities

Our energy research facilities house a variety of reactor systems used to evaluate catalysts, sorbents, membranes and process configurations for various commercial and government clients as well as internal projects. These facilities are flexible enough to operate over a range of pressures, temperatures, and gas flows and in gas environments that include corrosive and toxic gases (e.g., CO, H2S and SO2).

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Fluidized-bed testing system

Lab-Scale and Bench-Scale Test Systems

Following are a few examples of our lab- and bench-scale testing systems.

  • Bench-scale high-temperature, high-pressure fluidized-bed reactor
  • Bench-scale high temperature, high-pressure transport reactor
  • Bench-scale catalyst and sorbent heat transfer evaluation unit
  • Lab-scale automated microreactor systems
  • Lab-scale biomass pyrolysis unit
  • Lab-scale membrane permeation unit

Analytical Systems

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CO2 capture research unit

Our various reactor testing systems are supported by a full range of analytical instruments.

  • Gas chromatographs
  • Continuous gas analyzers
  • Micro gas chromatographs with fast cycle times
  • Antek sulfur analyzer
  • Residual gas analyzer
  • Ultraviolet-visible spectrometer