Catalyst and Sorbent Development

RTI's warm syngas desulfurization sorbent

Catalyst and sorbent development is an integral part of our technology development activities for the chemical, refining, transportation, and power industries. We maintain a world-class catalyst synthesis program focused on coupling suitable catalysts or sorbents with specific process designs. We work together with industrial and government partners on substantial catalyst and sorbent development programs. We also offer comprehensive development, synthesis, characterization, and testing services to industrial clients.


We have the capacity to prepare 1-g to 1-kg quantities of pelleted and fluidizable catalysts and sorbents. Our tools and techniques include:

  • Wet chemistry laboratory
  • Co-precipitation
  • Spray drying (GEA Niro spray dryer)
  • Pelletization (Bonnet extruders)
  • Impregnation


We have a range of analytical equipment and techniques available for characterization of catalysts and product gas streams.

  • Surface area measure
  • TGA
  • ICP mass spectroscopy
  • Particle/pore size distribution
  • SEM and TEM
  • DTA and DSC
  • Attrition resistance
  • TPR and TPD
  • XRD


We maintain a sophisticated laboratory of reactors that are used to test catalyst and sorbent performance over a wide range of process conditions.

  • Micro-reactors
  • Fixed and fluid-bed reactors
  • Slurry-bed and CST reactors
  • Bench-scale reactors
  • On-line and off-line analytical

For more information, please read about our lab- and bench-scale testing capabilities.


We actively try to adapt commercial and scalable production practices early in our catalyst and sorbent development activities. Working closely with major commercial catalyst manufacturers on our projects allows for a straightforward and rapid scale-up of a majority of our catalysts and sorbents.