Global Health Projects: Asia-Regional

Health Policy Initiative/Greater Mekong Region and China (HPI/GMR-C) (2007-2012)


United States Agency for International Development


To support development of effective HIV policies for the most-at-risk populations (MARPs) in China and the Greater Mekong Region.

Activities and Results

In collaboration with the International HIV/AIDS Alliance and the Burnet Institute, RTI is creating replicable models that can inform policies for prevention, care, and treatment for men who have sex with men and for people living with HIV. The project concentrates on strengthening the sensitive policy and implementation links between national and provincial governments and, thereby, on strengthening local programs.

HPI/GMR-C is assessing policy-related operational barriers, communication mechanisms, and feedback loops within and between national and provincial governments. By addressing these barriers, provincial governments are more effectively able to provide services such as HIV counseling and testing, peer education, and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, and to offer interventions including stigma and discrimination mitigation. The project is also helping governments develop and use accurate data for evidence-based decision making.

In China, work is being carried out nationally, but particularly in Yunnan and Guangxi provinces. The project is supporting the Greater Mekong Region from its base in Thailand.

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