Robotic and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Inside the United States: Applications, Safety, Perceptions, and Privacy Concerns


May 8, 2013

8:30-10:00 a.m.

The National Press Club
529 14th Street N.W.
Washington, DC

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Hashtag: #UAVforum


RTI's Work in Homeland Security and Preparedness

Institute for Homeland Security Solutions


The domestic use of robotic or remotely piloted aircraft, or drones, is expected to become an $85 billion business within a few years, as this technology becomes widely available for commercial application within the United States. This technology offers many public safety benefits and commercial opportunities, but it also raises concerns about personal privacy, safety, and liability. At this policy forum, a group of leading experts will discuss and explore concerns ranging from public opinion toward the use of unmanned aircraft flying above our communities to the policies needed to ensure these aircraft are operated safely and do not violate the privacy we enjoy as American citizens.

Tim Gabel, Executive Vice President, Social, Statistical, and Environmental Sciences at RTI International

Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO), Member, Armed Services Committee and Select Committee on Intelligence, U.S. Congress

David Schanzer, Associate Professor of Public Policy, Duke University & Co-director, Institute for Homeland Security Solutions

Peter Singer, PhD, Director of the Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence, Brookings Institution
John McGraw, Founder and Principal, John McGraw Aerospace Consulting, LLC
Joe Eyerman, PhD, Director of the Center for Security, Defense, and Safety, RTI International & Co-Director, Institute for Homeland Security Solutions

Kenneth Mortensen, Former Associate Deputy Attorney General and Chief Privacy & Civil Liberties Officer, U.S. Department of Justice
Darryl Jenkins, Airline Analyst, Aviation Consulting Group