Open Innovation Services

Innovation Explored

Innovation is now the currency for competitive advantage. So where will your next big idea come from? Will the solution you need be just around the corner, or half a world away? RTI extends your vision and reach so that you can identify growth opportunities in unexpected places and build the partnerships needed to stay ahead of the competition. That's innovation—explored.

Open innovation is based on the premise that when innovation is allowed to flow across organizational boundaries, everyone benefits. Implementing this strategy, however, can be challenging in practice when solutions or partners exist in a variety of industries or tucked away in a university or government lab. And implementation in the global marketplace can be even more daunting to many organizations.

RTI's innovation advisors put you in touch with the expertise, technologies, and know-how that shape research and development (R&D) efforts and bring new insight to your organization. We have a track record of success building partnerships around emerging technologies. With services spanning the innovation life cycle, we provide our clients:

  • Vision—Innovative tailored roadmaps and ideation to develop forward-looking plans for your organization's sustainable success
  • Reach—Cross-market visibility to discover new and nonobvious solutions to your tough challenges and growth opportunities
  • Growth—Vetted partnership and licensing opportunities to create new products, improve processes, and maximize use of existing intellectual property (IP)
  • Confidence—Analysis built upon our long-standing reputation for quality work, discretion, and objectivity

Our Capabilities

From idea generation to product launch, RTI's Open Innovation Services span the innovation life cycle. We help you explore opportunities that could solve existing R&D challenges, expand product offerings, or direct strategic planning efforts.

Open innovation lifecycle graphic

Our capabilities include:

  • Innovation management—Needs analysis, roadmapping, and multi-disciplinary ideation sessions that generate creative ideas to solve tough problems
  • Market intelligence—Analysis of the market opportunity for a new technology or innovation for use in strategic business and product development plans
  • Landscape analysis—Research of a technical field that identifies global technology innovators, describes the state of the art, and illustrates innovation trends
  • Technology scouting—Discovery of solutions to R&D challenges and the uncovering of innovations that can revolutionize current product lines through proactive processes
  • Partnership development—Identification and prequalification of targeted organizations with appropriate technical matches and interest in collaboration, plus relationship management and negotiation support for licensing and partnership agreements