Innovation Advisors

We inform and inspire our clients, enabling them to act on emerging growth opportunities.

Innovation is now the currency for competitive advantage. What does that mean for you and your organization? Maximize the impacts from your innovation activities by partnering with RTI. We work at the intersection of innovation and opportunity to provide keen insight, analysis, and connections to identify growth opportunities, commercialize emerging technologies, and transform communities.

To compete in a global economy, corporations, regions, and R&D organizations alike face the challenge of connecting science and business. The solution increasingly depends on finding the right partner—a partner who not only links new innovations to market applications but also has the foresight to see emerging trends that will drive commercialization success and economic growth.

Our innovation advisors provide a thorough understanding of a wide array of technologies and markets. Coupled with our expansive global network, we become your connection between scientific discovery and business opportunity.

Our Capabilities

Open Innovation Services: Innovation Explored

innovation explored

Helping clients identify enabling technologies, growth opportunities, and new partnerships via proactive, proven methods

Innovation Labs: Innovation Inspired

innovation inspired

Fostering cross-pollination by convening individuals with a diversity of perspectives to consider barriers to innovation and opportunities for new product application and development

Technology Commercialization Services: Innovation Enabled

innovation enabled

Translating science and innovation into business or partnership propositions to commercialize emerging technologies

Innovation-Led Economic Development Services: Innovation Deployed

innovation deployed

Transforming communities by applying innovations in economic and workforce development, entrepreneurship, and science and technology