Environmental Technology Verification Program

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) established its Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) program to verify the performance of innovative technical solutions to problems that threaten human health or the environment. In partnership with the EPA, RTI International operates the Air Pollution Control Technology (APCT) Center, a verification center in the ETV program.

Air Pollution Control Technology Center

The APCT Center involves industry, government, and public stakeholders at all levels of the verification process. The APCT Center verifies the performance of commercial-ready technologies designed to control stationary and mobile air pollution sources and to mitigate the effects of indoor air pollutants. The Center addresses air pollution control technologies, including

  • Diesel engine emission controls
  • Baghouse filtration products
  • Nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compound control devices
  • Dust suppression and soil stabilization products
  • Paint overspray arrestors
  • Indoor pollution products

Benefits of APCT Verification

Because it is an independent entity, the APCT Center can assure all those with a stake in new environmental technologies that the verifications performed derive from unbiased testing and that they are credible, of the highest quality, consistent, useful, and widely accepted.

Developer and Vendor Benefits

  • Provides sound science-based marketing advantage
  • Reduces advertising and marketing costs
  • Expands markets and business opportunities
  • Enhances regulatory acceptance
  • Accelerates new or improved technologies into the marketplace
  • Adds confidence for investors and lenders

User and Purchaser Benefits

  • Provides independent, credible performance data
  • Allows easier evaluation of competing technologies
  • Facilitates permitting process
  • Reduces noncompliance risks
  • Provides access to expertise in performance measurement

Permitter Benefits

  • Facilitates permit preparation
  • Adds confidence in control system performance
  • Improves ability to make informed decisions

Public Benefits

  • Advances technologies that benefit human health and the environment
  • Increases confidence in continuous, effective control of pollutants
  • Fosters cooperation between industrial and public interests

Closing of the APCT Center

The APCT Center closed on August 31, 2013. New applications for verifications of all technologies are no longer being accepted. However, existing Generic Verification Protocols, Test/Quality Assurance Plans, and completed Verification Reports will remain available on the EPA ETV website.

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