Global Health Systems

RTI has broad-based experience in global health systems deveopment, including governance, finance and policy, and systems strengthening. We seek to improve the policy environment for health interventions by providing technical assistance and training to governments, nongovernmental organizations, and other stakeholders in health-policy assessment and analysis, strategic development, information-based decision making, advocacy capacity building, and health impact and projection modeling.


Drawing from our extensive experience in promoting decentralization, democracy, and governance, we are adapting tools of good governance to improve quality of, increase access to, and expand demand for health services. Our approach emphasizes the following:

  • Development of systems of checks and balances between consumers, providers, and government that foster transparency and accountability to ensure equity and fairness in all aspects of health service delivery
  • Introduction of effective regulatory mechanisms to reduce waste, improve management, minimize opportunities for corruption, assure quality services, and protect patients
  • Promotion of informed citizen participation and oversight as a means of ensuring that decision-making processes and allocation and utilization of resources respond to the needs of the poor and vulnerable members of the population
  • Building stewardship based on evidence, standards, and best practices

Finance and Policy

In decentralized settings, we work with central and local health services units to enhance the public sector capacity to increase the effectiveness of financing, planning, and management of health care services. As a result, financial resources are used efficiently and more funds are available to improve the quality and sustainability of priority health sector programs. We help to build the capacity of local health officials and service delivery workers by training them to use basic tools to analyze, report, and address major health needs and to design programs to ensure that quality health services are accessible to disadvantaged populations.

Systems Strengthening

We manage programs in country that strengthen local, regional, and national health systems by building capacity and performance in community health organizations and public health institutions. With our ability to tailor health information systems to a specific need, we help to promote high-quality, timely, and useful data that inform decision making in the health sector.

Strengthening National Health Information Systems

We support the essential guidance and structure of the Health Metrics Network Framework used to strengthen national health information systems. Our experience gives us special insight into the impact that government decentralization has on the implementation of national frameworks. We help partner governments develop specific strategies to clarify, coordinate, and support the respective roles of national and sub-national government. Selected project experience includes

  • Supporting the Health Management Information System strengthening program of the Tanzanian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. We are providing assistance in geographic information systems, ICT, data quality and use, data dissemination, data warehousing, health informatics, monitoring and evaluation, and technology infrastructure.
  • Providing technical assistance for the building of health data dissemination and information use systems in the Republic of Zimbabwe in order to develop public health resources in country to analyze health data for programmatic and policy development and improvement. The RTI team is working closely with local organizations to improve their capacity to disseminate and utilize systems-generated health data.
African mother and child

RTI International, Government of Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Health and Child Care launch new health information system in Zimbabwe

The Government of Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Health and Child Care, assisted by RTI International and supported by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention under the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, launched a new Zimbabwe national health information system with mobile health messaging. 

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