Global Health Systems

Focusing on governance, finance and policy, and systems strengthening, our team helps develop health systems around the world. Our technical assistance and training enables governments, nongovernmental organizations, and other stakeholders to work more effectively.


Improving Health Services through Rigorous Governance

We adapt tools of good governance to improve quality of, increase access to, and expand demand for health services. Our approach emphasizes

  • Checks and balances between consumers, providers, and government that foster transparency and accountability to ensure equity and fairness in all aspects of health service delivery
  • Effective regulations to reduce waste, improve management, minimize corruption, assure quality services, and protect patients
  • Citizen participation and oversight as a means of reaching poor and vulnerable members of the population
  • Evidence, standards, and best practices.

Implementing Finance and Policy Changes to Boost Access

We work with central and local health services to streamline financing, planning, and management. This approach frees up funds to make priority programs better and more sustainable. We train local health officials and workers to analyze, report, and address major needs and to design programs to make quality services accessible to disadvantaged populations.

Leveraging Data to Pursue Systems Strengthening

We bolster local, regional, and national health systems through programs that build capacity and performance in community health organizations and public health institutions. Using customized health information systems, we promote high-quality, timely data that inform health sector decisions.

Collaborating to Enhance National Health Information Systems

We provide technical expertise to countries upgrading their technology infrastructure. In recent years, we have advised the governments of Tanzania and Zimbabwe on topics including geographic information systems, the use of health data, and health informatics.



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Catherine Fort
Director, Asia Programs