RTI San Francisco

RTI San Francisco

Opened in 2005, our regional office in San Francisco extends our reach to the West Coast and across the Pacific. With decades of experience, the RTI San Francisco staff work on behalf of clients in government and academia, as well as nonprofit organizations and foundations.

Staff at the San Francisco office focus on three main areas.

Technology Economics and Health IT Policy Analysis

RTI's technology economists and health IT analysts provide independent, interdisciplinary assessments of the role of innovation programs and new technologies in improving society's economic, public health, and environmental welfare. Our work supports clients by providing robust quantitative accountability measures, assessing policy alternatives, and offering IT integration support for technology programs at the interface of complex issues. Although our practice is characterized more by our diverse methodologies and breadth of experience than specific domain areas, recent clients such as AHRQ, NIST, CDC, DHS, and the Gates Foundation have engaged us for projects in the realms of health IT policy analysis, cyber security, biosurveillance systems implementation, technology investment programs, and technology implementation in developing countries. Generally, our focus is on helping to identify and plan ways to remove technical and market barriers to the development and adoption of new technologies.

Urban Health

Our experts in urban and community-based health focus on HIV/AIDS research, conducting epidemiological, behavioral, intervention, and evaluation studies with drug users, indigent, and homeless populations, gay men, and undocumented immigrant laborers. Other efforts include research on illicit substance use, mental health problems, violence, infectious diseases, and health services. All research is community-based and aimed at improving the health and access to health services among marginalized urban populations through changes in health policy, implementation of proven interventions, and training.

Women's Health

The San Francisco office is also home to the Women's Global Health Imperative (WGHI), which focuses on improving the health status of women and girls around the world. The internationally renowned researchers at WGHI conduct epidemiologic, biomedical, and socioeconomic research to identify and intervene on factors that affect women's health outcomes. We use these research findings to inform project design, monitoring and evaluation systems, and national health policy.

WGHI researchers conduct groundbreaking research on topics including HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases, reproductive health, gender and economic inequities, contraceptive technologies, female-controlled methods of HIV prevention, and community-based interventions among vulnerable populations in low-resource settings.

RTI San Francisco Address

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