Water and Energy

As world economies expand, the risk of a critical shortfall of water quality and supply is becoming more serious. We are uniquely suited to address this issue as we are able to put together multidisciplinary teams of chemists, engineers, environmental scientists, economists, and social scientists. We are using the expertise we built in other energy-related research programs to develop high-quality, multifaceted solutions for such complex issues as water conservation, water reuse, wastewater treatment, water delivery costs, and water security.

Technologies and Projects

Industrial Water Treatment and Reuse

We have evaluated conventional and emerging water treatment and reuse technologies to identify the most efficient and cost-effective technologies for industrial use. To further our understanding of how best to pair water treatment technologies with particular industrial applications, we have built a "water test-bed" system flexible enough to test various water treatment concepts.

Forward Osmosis Technology

Forward osmosis (FO) water treatment is currently limited to seawater and brackish water desalination. We believe this technology has other applications and can significantly improve the efficiency of industrial water treatment. Our vast experience in membrane development is being leveraged to solve the challenges that exist for FO technology – including the need for high water flux, high stability, and high strength membranes.