Technology Commercialization Services

Innovation Enabled

Innovation is now the currency for competitive advantage. So how do you optimize value from your R&D investments? What are the most promising market opportunities for your innovations, and who are the major players in those spaces? Most important: How can you effectively connect with potential commercial partners? With over 40 years of experience building partnerships around emerging technologies, RTI provides the all-important bridge from the lab to the marketplace. That's innovation—enabled.

Effectively translating scientific discoveries into real-world applications requires a blend of business and technical expertise; objective, unbiased analyses; and connections to industry. But all too often, resource constraints and organizational pressures challenge technology commercialization efforts.

RTI's innovation advisors extend your capabilities and provide a variety of services that can transform your resource and development (R&D) activities into commercial successes. We serve as an ideal strategic partner—one who can address the specific needs and concerns of your organization. In short, we provide:

  • Vision—Strategic planning and problem-solving support in areas including resource allocation, intellectual property (IP) management, and performance metrics
  • Technical bandwidth—Cross-market visibility to capitalize on diverse commercialization opportunities
  • Objectivity—Independent, thorough assessment of your technologies' true market potential
  • Connections—Partnership and licensing opportunities through effective marketing strategies

Our Capabilities

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We support clients across the full innovation continuum, from early-stage R&D to commercialization. Our insightful analyses contribute to a solid understanding and development of the value proposition of a technology and allow you to make informed decisions on your commercialization strategies and investments. We provide you with the following:

  • Opportunity assessment—Timely and perceptive analysis of the market opportunity for a technology, based on direct market feedback and secondary research
  • Market research—Thorough understanding of market sectors, including market segmentation and size, competing technologies, market barriers, and technology fit
  • Technology marketing—Implementation of communication strategies that translate the science and innovation into a business or partnership proposition
  • Licensing support—Creation of a realistic, objective valuation plus support in negotiations, leading to win-win licensing deals
  • Strategic advising—Our four decades of experience provide a strong foundation for advising on technology commercialization and IP management issues, including:
    • Strategic business plans for technology transfer offices
    • Business incubation practices
    • Technology transfer and economic development
    • State- and institution-level policy
    • Training on technology transfer topics