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An independent, nonprofit organization, RTI engages in research and development with the goal of improving the human condition. We work with clients in government, industry, academia, and public service throughout the United States and abroad.

Representing a diverse set of technical and scientific capabilities, our staff pursue comprehensive, multidisciplinary research activities in the following major areas of study:

  • Health Research
    Innovative services that encompass public health policy, economics, outcomes, behaviors, epidemiology, genetics, and infectious diseases
  • Drug Discovery and Development
    All facets of drug discovery and development, from synthesis and design to toxicology and metabolic analysis to comprehensive clinical trial and drug assessment services
  • Education and Training Research
    Comprehensive education program studies and evaluations in the U.S. and other countries
  • Survey Research and Services
    Comprehensive survey services, including instrument design and development, data collection, and data management
  • Statistics Research
    All facets of quantitative and qualitative statistical analysis
  • International Development
    Public health, education, governance and management, urban development, environmental resource management, and public finance and economic growth assistance for developing and democratizing countries
  • Economic and Social Research
    Research that examines technology, agriculture, judicial, and other social and economic policies in the U.S. to inform political discourse and influence decision makers
  • Advanced Technology Research and Development
    Development and engineering of innovative technologies for practical application; intellectual asset management services for the global market
  • Energy Research
    Research and development of technologies for the production and use of clean fuels
  • Environmental Research Services
    Environmental standards research, development, and evaluation as well as scientific, technical, and policy analysis of environmental issues
  • Laboratory and Chemistry Services
    Laboratory-based research and services in analytical chemistry, forensic science, environmental toxicology, testing and analysis, quality standards, and lab certification

RTI's most current work in each of these areas is highlighted in our latest annual report and recent news releases.