Optoelectronic Materials

Our scientists are exploring new materials to enable novel and significantly improved photo-detectors for use in advanced focal plane arrays for the near infrared to long-wavelength infrared ranges. These materials include Si/Ge superlattices as well as nanodot materials, strained-layer PbSe-PbTeSe superlattices, and InAs/GaSb Type II superlattices.

Our nanoscale Si/Ge detectors on Si substrates have demonstrated enhanced absorption coefficients in the long wavelength range, not accessible with Si. This capability will enable the monolithic integration of Si/Ge photonic devices with Si electronic circuitry. We are also investigating new optoelectronic III-V and strained-layer PbSe-PbTeSe superlattices and devices for applications in infrared detectors in the 3- to 12-micron range.