Medical Technologies

Live Volumetric Ultrasound Imaging

Ultrasound imaging

Mid-stage development

We are developing a next-generation medical imaging technology that uniquely enables 4D (real-time, volumetric) image guidance for minimally invasive surgical procedures. Using semiconductor manufacturing techniques, our transducer technology represents a step change in level of performance, miniaturization, and manufacturability compared with conventional ceramic ultrasound transducers. It is ideally suited for space-constrained applications such as imaging catheters and endoscopes. Learn more about live volumetric ultrasound imaging.

Seizure Alert Monitor

Alert monitor

Early-stage development

We are developing a wearable monitor for daily use by patients with epilepsy that noninvasively detects the onset of a seizure and alerts a caregiver for assistance or medical intervention. This technology is meant to be an effective and reliable device for use on children and adults. The monitor aims to improve the wearer's safety and alleviate some of the stress for those with epilepsy, their caregivers, and families.

Vaccine Cooler

Vaccine cooler

Early-stage development

We are developing a durable, compact, and portable container to protect essential therapies from exposure to extreme temperatures. This thermoelectric-based vaccine cooler was originally designed for developing nations as a way to keep drugs, vaccines, and organs cool when in transit to the point of care.

Biomaterial Surface Modification

Biomaterial surface mod

Mid-stage development

Our researchers and Nova Southeastern University jointly developed a unique, low-cost approach to modify the surface of dental ceramics. This practical method uses commercially available silanes and resin cements with traditional bonding techniques to deposit ultra-thin, silica-like seed layers to zirconia, improving dental and orthopedic biomaterial adhesion and strength.