How to Work with Us

Working with us can be a beneficial and rewarding experience for your business. The best way to begin developing a partnership with RTI is by submitting a profile through our Partner Link-Up System (PLUS).

Through PLUS, we retain your company's information and make it available to our proposal leaders and project managers, who are the partnering decision makers. PLUS enables our staff members identify partners who can help us deliver for our clients. Ultimately, we partner with firms based on their abilities to meet our clients' needs.

In addition to registering via PLUS, we encourage you to engage with us in other ways. The activities listed below are optional but helpful in building a strong foundation for a potential long-term business relationship.

Activities for All Prospective Partners and Suppliers

Additional Activities for Subcontractors and Consultants

  • Gain insight into our service offerings by browsing our website. Determine which of your services/expertise would complement our expertise.
  • Determine if you have technical project experience with our clients and funding agencies.
  • Network with our research staff at industry events and stay engaged with RTI experts and other employees whom you know.
  • Explore the innovation and commercialization potential of RTI patents and scientific discoveries and commercial services.
  • Bring business development, joint bid, and cost share opportunities to our attention by contacting us

IMPORTANT: Registration with PLUS does not obligate RTI to award subcontracts or to respond to the submission of your PLUS profile.If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please contact us at the Small Business Office.