RTI Global Gender Center

At RTI, we recognize that gender inequities are a key factor in health, education, economic development, governance, crime and justice, and other broad areas of research and practice.

We have a long history of conducting research and providing technical assistance and capacity building with an emphasis on gender.

The RTI Global Gender Center brings together experts across numerous disciplines to improve knowledge, policies, and programs worldwide to reduce gender inequities and disparities. The Center currently has more than 100 RTI affiliates. Ultimately, we aim to collectively influence research, practice, and policy.

To date, we have successfully led more than 100 projects with gender-specific activities in North America, Africa, Asia, Middle East and North Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Eastern Europe.

Focus Areas

  • Gender equity promotion
  • Women’s empowerment and justice
  • Gender-based violence
  • Prevention and treatment of substance abuse
  • HIV, sexual and reproductive health
  • Education and economic development
  • Gender, youth, and prevention

Gender-Related Research and Programs

RTI International and the South African Medical Research Council to address the state of populations most-at-risk for HIV in Cape Town, South Africa

As part of an ongoing effort to reduce HIV transmission in South Africa, RTI International and the South African Medi... Read more »

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Christian Arandel
Governance Team Leader
Ariane van der Straten
Director, Women’s Global Health Imperative
Christopher P. Krebs
Senior Research Social Scientist