Careers: Frequently Asked Questions and Interview Advice

Frequently Asked Questions

Applying for a Job

How can I find out what jobs are currently open?
The best way to find and apply for new jobs is by going to Job Openings.

How can I find and apply for an internship at RTI?
RTI occasionally posts internships in our job openings. In addition, RTI has established relationships with select universities and recommends you contact your university campus placement office to determine if they list any RTI internships. For more information, please see Internships and Fellowships.

Technical Questions Related to Applying for a Job

Do I have to register to apply for a job?
Yes. The registration process allows you to easily store information about yourself, including your resume, so you can easily apply for jobs at RTI in the future.

Can I use my 'Back' button?

No. Please use the navigation tools provided within the application for optimal performance. Using the 'Back' button may disrupt the application process.

How do I upload a cover letter?
You can attach a cover letter by logging into your application profile on our job openings page. Once you log in, click on applications, and then click on attachments. Choose the cover letter option and upload your file.  Please note:  The system can only hold one cover letter and the only way to change a cover letter is to delete the current one and upload a new one.

I attached a resume and can't see it when I click on it. Why?
You may have a pop-up blocker enabled on your web browser. Simply hold down your CTRL key when you are trying to open the document to bypass the pop-up blocker. If that doesn’t work you will have to follow instructions in your pop-up blocker to allow pop-ups from this site or to turn off pop-up blocking.

What should I do if I have technical problems completing my application?
Use this form to let us know about your problem. Be specific by telling us what you couldn't complete and what operating system (PC or Mac) and browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, other) you were using.

Why can't I edit my resume for a completed job application?
Due to federal regulations, we cannot delete resumes previously submitted with applications. However, as you apply for new positions, the recruiter will look only at the resume you have submitted for the specific current opening.

Can I update my resume when applying for a new job?
Yes. You have the option when applying to a new job to use your current resume or upload a new resume.

How can I ensure I will get e-mail messages from RTI jobs?
Many online or desktop mail readers put your e-mail in a "Suspect E-mail" or "Junk E-mail" folder if the sender is not in your contact list. To receive e-mails about your job application, it may be necessary to add the domain to your contact list. If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation of your completed application, please look in one of these folders. Most e-mail readers provide a way to automatically move a valid message from RTI to your Inbox and add our domain name to your contact list. If you have any questions, please check your e-mail application help information or contact your e-mail application vendor or Internet service provider for assistance.

Once You Have Applied

How will I know that my application was successfully submitted?
When you submit your online application through, you will receive an automated confirmation response indicating that we received your application. Please Note: You will receive this notification only if you included an e-mail address in the online application and e-mails from RTI are not blocked. See How can I ensure I will get email … for more information on unblocking e-mails.

Can I arrange for an informal interview?
As per RTI's hiring policy, recruiters do not conduct informal interviews with applicants. If an applicant is routed to a hiring manager by the recruiter and interest is expressed by the hiring manager, then the applicant may be contacted to set up a formal interview.

What happens to my resume after I complete and submit the online application?
RTI International recruiters screen resumes on a daily basis, and all resumes remain in our database for recruiters to access for future opportunities.

Will my resume be considered for future job openings?
Yes, but even though your online application is saved in our system, we strongly recommend that you reapply for new job openings that you may be interested in. This is the best way to ensure that your application will be considered.

Application Status and Posting Duration

What is the length of time a job will stay posted?
The length of time a job will stay posted varies greatly for each job opening that RTI has on its website. When a position is filled or cancelled at RTI, it will be removed from our Careers site and all links for application will be disabled for that job opening.

Will I hear about the status of my application?
Unfortunately, because of the high volume of online applications that RTI receives, it is not possible for our recruiters to personally contact every candidate who has applied for an open position. Therefore, recruiters will contact you only if your skills and qualifications are a good fit for the job opening in question. 

All applicants receive automated e-mail responses from RTI letting you know we have received your application.

How will I know if a job has been filled?
If you can't find the job in our job search, the job is no longer available. Also, if you follow a saved link from an old job listing that is no longer available, the apply button will be grayed out.

What does it mean if I don't hear back from you?
If you don’t hear back from us, the job search may be ongoing (see What is the length of time...) or you may not be receiving e-mails from RTI. See How can I ensure I will get e-mail messages

Am I able to follow up by telephone to find out the status of my application?
No. Because of the high volume of online applications, it is not possible for us to discuss your job application status by telephone.

Benefits and Salary

What type of benefits do you offer?
RTI offers an extremely competitive and comprehensive benefits package, which includes medical, dental, and vision insurance plans; life insurance; short-term and long-term disability insurance; 403(b) savings; and a pension plan. For more information, please see  Benefits.

How do I find the salary range of a particular job?
It is RTI policy not to include salary information in our job postings. We determine the salary of a particular job based on the successful candidate's education and experience.

Interview Advice

Please read our resume and interviewing tips.