Environmental Information Systems

For environmental issues, decision makers need systems that integrate large and diverse data sets and provide tools for analyzing and visualizing key information. We blend subject matter expertise with an array of cutting-edge information technologies, including open source solutions, to deliver powerful custom applications to government and commercial clients.

Client Benefits

  • Improve planning and strategy development through use of breakthrough tools for simulations and modeling of complex environmental processes
  • Develop new analytical methods to support decision making
  • Identify root causes of key environmental problems
  • Uncover hidden patterns and relationships in complex data sets
  • Obtain powerful, high-quality research tools delivered quickly and reliably


  • Comprehensive economic and environmental models
  • Decision analysis tools
  • Data management and transfer systems
  • Geospatial and statistical analysis tools
  • Environmental data warehouses
  • Cyber-security analysis capabilities
  • Data visualization

Capability Highlights

  • Database design and implementation using Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access, and open-source solutions such as MySQL
  • Integration of spatial and statistical tools and visualization into business and scientific applications
  • Applications development using Java, C#, C++, .NET, and other languages
  • Rapid development of flexible and easily maintained Web applications
  • Training and outreach to facilitate adoption of environmental information systems at the federal, state, and local levels
  • Rigorous systems life-cycle development processes